Ottawa talking with Pakistan about bringing acquitted woman to Canada

first_imgOTTAWA — The federal government is talking with Pakistan about the possibilty of bringing a Pakistani woman, who was recently released from death row, to Canada.Asia Bibi, a Christian, was sentenced to death in Pakistan eight years ago for blasphemy after being convicted of insulting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad — a charge her family has long denied.Pakistan’s high court recently overturned Bibi’s conviction and ordered her release in a decision that triggered public outrage and protests across the predominantly Muslim country.Since her release, Bibi and her family have faced threats and her husband has pleaded with countries in the West to relocate them.A spokesman for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in an email Monday that Canada is in talks with Pakistan about Bibi.Cameron Ahmad said the government recognizes the delicate domestic context and won’t comment further on the case, but he noted Canada is a welcoming country.Bibi’s 2009 arrest came after she was accused of blasphemy following an altercation with two fellow farm workers who refused to drink from a water container a Christian had used. A mob accused her a few days later of insulting Muhammad, which led to her 2010 conviction.— with files from The Associated PressThe Canadian Presslast_img read more

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Opening arguments expected today in Saunders murder trial

first_imgThe family of Loretta Saunders heading into court TuesdayTrina RoacheAPTN National NewsOpening arguments are set to begin Wednesday afternoon in a Halifax courtroom as the trial for the murder of Loretta Saunders gets underway.Blake Leggette and Victoria Henneberry are both charged with first degree murder.The two accused rented an apartment from Saunders in Halifax.Henneberry is facing an additional charge of accessory to murder after the fact.Court artist sketch of Hennebury and her lawyer (Courtesy: Russell Jackson,’ family has travelled from Labrador for the trial.They sat in the courtroom yesterday as jury selection wrapped up.The 12 person jury is made up of eight men and four women.Related: Jury Selection“I want justice for my daughter,” said an emotional Miriam Saunders, Loretta’s mother.Saunders family in court TuesdayThe 26 year old Saunders went to university in Halifax.Her thesis was focused on missing and murdered Indigenous women.She was killed Feb. 13, 2014.The two accused were arrested days later in Ontario with Saunders car and cellphone.Saunders body was found along the side of the Trans Canada highway near Salisbury, New Brunswick.The family has said it will be difficult to sit through the trial but they want to see the faces of the accused, and keep the focus on Loretta.Loretta Saunders in an undated photoThe family has set up a scholarship fund in her name, as a way to inspire and help other indigenous women in Canada.The trial continues at 2pm ATL Wednesday.Follow @TrinaRoache on Twitter for updates.last_img read more

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Captain of cruise ship in Hungary crash released on bail

BUDAPEST, Hungary — A Budapest court says that the Ukrainian cruise ship captain suspected of responsibility in a deadly collision with a sightseeing boat on the Danube River has been released on bail.The Capital City Court said Thursday that the captain, identified earlier only as Yuriy C., isn’t allowed to leave Budapest, must wear an electronic tracking device and meet with investigators twice a week.The captain’s Viking Sigyn collided with the Hableany (Mermaid) on May 29. The Hableany was raised out of the Danube on Tuesday and taken away on a barge for inspection by police investigating the crash.Police, meanwhile, said the body of another South Korean tourist had been recovered in the Danube River, raising the death toll to 25. Three South Koreans remain missing and seven were rescued.The Associated Press read more

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No one hurt as gunman fires shots in the air outside UN

The gunman, identified as Steve Kim, was immediately apprehended by members of the United States Secret Service, US Department of Security Service, New York Police Department and UN Security. He had reportedly entered the UN complex by jumping over the fence from First Avenue at around 43rd Street before firing seven shots from a .357 revolver, aiming high as he stood facing the 38-floor glass-and-steel skyscraper.No one was injured by the bullets, which struck the 18th and 20th floors, narrowly missing several UN employees. After discharging the weapon, Mr. Kim, who is in the custody of US government authorities, threw identical papers in the air which “contained a rambling political message about human rights in North Korea,” according to UN Security and Safety Service Chief Michael McCann. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO OF BRIEFING While Mr. Kim’s nationality is not yet known, Chief McCann said he was “believed to be an American citizen” and was not a UN employee.The gunman, who was born in 1945, apparently came to the UN “by himself,” Mr. McCann said, adding that this would have to be confirmed. Asked about security measures, Mr. McCann said steps were being taken to strengthen the perimeter of the UN complex through both the “strengthening security plan,” which has already been adopted, as well as the UN’s overall capital master plan, which is currently in development. Those plans called for either replacing the current fence or putting an additional barrier behind it, and installing a closed-circuit television system, among other measures.Mr. McCann said that as a matter of course, UN Security would also conduct a “very detailed critique and review of this event, what took place, how quickly we responded, and look to see if there is anything that we should do differently or any policies or procedures that should be changed.”The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will process the arrest, according to UN Security, and Mr. Kim will be prosecuted under US laws.To a question on why Mr. Kim would fire at the UN in order to call attention to human rights issues, Chief McCann said, “we don’t see any logic to bringing attention to his cause in that manner.” read more

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African farmers must organize to supply supermarkets or be marginalized UN

“If we don’t help small farmers tap into the supply game and become players in this new market, they will be left on the sidelines,” said Kostas Stamoulis, a senior FAO economic analyst. “It could be catastrophic.”Farmers who risk being left out of the transformed domestic market need to have new resources and improved training, he said. Potential assistance might include organizing effective farmer cooperatives and associations to supply supermarkets; creating credit programs to buy the technologies needed to upgrade output; and disseminating the knowledge needed to take part in complex negotiations.Propelled by the forces of globalization and urbanization, the rise of supermarkets across the developing world was an inevitable reality, Mr. Stamoulis said.”A steep increase in the pace of urbanization, combined with globalization and the influx of foreign direct investment, mean that Africa will see far more dramatic changes in its food supply system than we have seen in developed countries,” he said.Thomas Reardon of Michigan State University told an FAO workshop on food systems in developing countries that Kenya alone has some 200 supermarkets and 10 hypermarkets, equivalent in sales to some 90,000 small shops and accounting for up to a third of food retail in the country. “Supermarkets are already buying three times more produce from local farmers than Kenya exports to the rest of the world,” he added.In South Africa, supermarkets already account for more than 55 per cent of national food retail, he said.”This is an opportunity for the private sector, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and international development organizations to work together,” Mr. Stamoulis added. “We cannot stop change, but we can shape it.” read more

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UN urges DR Congo authorities to ensure accountability for electionrelated abuses

The report, produced by the UN Joint Human Rights Office (UNJHRO), calls for measures to be taken to ensure that the local, provincial and national elections – due to take place between 2014 and 2016 – will take place “in an environment conducive to the respect for human rights,” according to a news release.The UN recalled that the November 2011 elections in the DRC were marked by “a large number of acts of violence” between members of political parties in almost all of the provinces of the vast African nation.In addition to acts of violence committed by civilians against other civilians, “serious” human rights violations were perpetrated by the defense and security forces, it stated. The UN registered 345 violations committed during the 2011 electoral period, affecting at least 769 victims, including the deaths of at least 41 individuals. “The defense and security forces were responsible for more than half of the registered violations and the most serious violations were committed in Kinshasa and in Kasai Oriental province,” the Office noted. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay stressed the need to expedite investigations leading to the criminal prosecution of perpetrators suspected of all human rights violations committed in the context of the elections and reiterated the importance of the fight against impunity for the stabilization of the DRC. “I welcome all measures aimed at ending impunity. Unfortunately, the efforts made by Congolese authorities to address the human rights violations committed during the 2011 electoral period have not yet produced results. Impunity for the perpetrators of these human rights violations prevails even now, two years after the elections were held,” she said. Ms. Pillay voiced particular concern about violations reportedly committed by security forces against supporters of political parties. “Every threat, every act of violence, every arbitrary arrest of an opponent by the authorities constitutes a serious setback, not only for the protection of human rights in the DRC, but also for reconciliation for Congolese society.” The report recommends that Congolese authorities carry out independent, credible and impartial investigations into the violations and bring the alleged perpetrators to justice, regardless of their rank or position. It also calls for disciplinary measures against State officials and agents who have abused their privileges for partisan reasons, and for the authorities to firmly condemn incitement to violence and racial hatred. Martin Kobler, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and head of the UN peacekeeping mission in DRC (MONUSCO), called on the Congolese Government to take advantage of the recommendations of the report, notably with regard to the next electoral cycle, and to take all necessary preventive measures to ensure the smooth and peaceful holding of the next set of polls. “We call on the Congolese authorities and their international partners to work towards the effective implementation of the recommendations made in the report, particularly with regard to the fight against impunity, and to provide appropriate support and training to the civil, military and police authorities.”Established in February 2008, the UNJHRO comprises the Human Rights Division of MONUSCO and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in the DRC. read more

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Intel promises 10 watt Haswell Core processors for Ultrabooks

first_imgThe Intel Developer Forum is currently underway at Moscone West in San Francisco, and Intel is using it as a platform to tell us what processors we can look forward to using next year. If battery life and mobile computing is important to you, there’s good news.With Ultrabooks becoming more popular the highlight of the IDF so far has to be the discussion of Intel’s next microarchitecture for the Core processor range. In 2013 we can expect to be buying systems that use 22nm Core processors using the Haswell microarchitecture.These 4th generation Core chips have been designed with a focus  on cutting power while increasing performance, and that’s especially true for mobile chips. If you select a Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge processor for use in an Ultrabook today, you’re looking at a TDP of between 17 and 35 watts. Intel is promising to get that down to 10 watts for a Haswell Ultrabook solution, with a big chunk of the power saving coming from merging the CPU and PCH (platform controller hub).Such a huge drop in power requirements will bring with it a major boost to your battery life as well as even thinner devices, but Haswell offers up some other benefits, too. Intel highlighted the fact Haswell will include new instructions allowing for faster encryption, new security features in the hardware, and at the same time offering better overall performance than the current generation processors.Alongside Haswell we can also expect to see Intel’s Clover Trail Atom chip making an appearance. A range of 32nm processors Intel is touting as not only perfect for lightweight tablets and convertibles, but also “architected specifically for Windows 8.”Read more at Intellast_img read more

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PMs ally resigns in protest

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Prime Minister George Papandreou was dealt a blow on Thursday when Deputy Regional Development Minister Haris Paboukis, who has been a close political associate of the premier’s for 15 years, quit the government and cast doubt on the policies it is following. Paboukis sent Papandreou his resignation letter after apparently failing to convince the prime minister that he should reform the Merchant Marine Ministry as an independent government department with authority over the coast guard. “For two months I have tried to re-establish a sector vital to the nation,” Paboukis said in his letter. He argued that shipping, which accounts for about a fifth of the Greek economy, has a vital role to play in encouraging growth and should, therefore, be overseen by a separate ministry. PASOK incorporated the ministry into other departments when it came to power in 2009. Paboukis said earlier this week that “everyone” was in favor of a separate merchant marine department. However, his insistence seems to have triggered a fierce row with Citizens’ Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis, who currently has jurisdiction over the coast guard. In his resignation letter, Paboukis made a thinly veiled attack on Papoutsis and the government. “At a crucial time for the country, it is our duty not to be beholden to dogmatism and personal strategies that do not serve national goals,” he said. “My participation in the country’s politics during this period was driven only by my desire to help overcome the crisis… even when I did not agree with all the decisions that were taken.” In 2009, Paboukis was appointed minister of state, where he was given the task of attracting foreign investment. He was moved from that post in the summer reshuffle after failing to deliver any significant results. Paboukis entered politics in 1996 as an adviser to Papandreou, then foreign minister. The two became close associates. Source: Kathimerinilast_img read more

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Game of Thrones Return Prepares for War but Arya Steals the Show

first_imgIt’s been an especially long wait for Game of Thrones’ penultimate season, but it’s finally here. Last season ended with a wonderfully satisfying murder and a sweeping shot of Daenerys’s armada heading toward the Seven Kingdoms. It takes Daenerys most of the season seven premiere to get there, but we get to see the immediate aftermath of that murder right away. Last night’s premiere started the show with a showstopper. After that opening scene, nothing that followed was ever going to be as cool.Right away, the show threw everyone off balance by showing a seemingly alive Walder Frey addressing his family. At this point, we all knew that Arya was behind it, but we weren’t sure how. It was only when the Freys drank a toast and Walder didn’t that we started to figure it out. Arya had poisoned everyone, gleefully watching them cough up blood and die before removing her Walder mask. Look, I love watching Arya kill people in increasingly elaborate ways. I even like the idea of the face changing. Arya trained in the house of the many-faced god and learned this mystical art of disguise. I get that. I like that. I just wish it looked less like an old Mission: Impossible trick. For a series with such a high effects budget, you’d think they’d be able to come up with something that looks a little less silly. A cut-away to Arya pulling a rubber mask off her head is never as cool as the show needs it to be. But hey, this is how they’ve chosen to represent the ability, and if that’s the price of watching Arya pull off mass murders like this, I’m OK with it.Maisie Williams, Ed Sheeran (Photo: Screenshot via HBO)Arya only gets two scenes in this episode, but they both end spectacularly. (No matter what you think of the masks, the line “The North remembers, and winter came for House Frey” is so badass.) Her second begins with the most obvious Ed Sheeran cameo you could possibly imagine. She passes by a group of soldiers, and one of them is singing a song. Guess who the singer is. I’ve seen subtler guest star introductions on The Muppet Show. Arya joins the soldiers for rabbit and blackberry wine (which sounds really good right now). The scene doesn’t go anywhere until they ask why Arya’s headed to King’s Landing. She just flat-out says “I’m going to kill the queen.” The soldiers laugh her off, and she laughs too. Probably for a different reason. Is it any wonder Arya’s our favorite?Speaking of Queen Cersei, Arya may be the only threat she’s not aware of. We get a great scene between her and Jaime, who isn’t thrilled about her rise to power. She’s having a servant paint a giant map of Westeros on the floor, from which she plans her war. She stands in the middle of the map at King’s Landing, lamenting how she’s surrounded by enemies. It’s a cool contrast to Daenerys’s position at the end of the episode. The final scene of the premiere is hauntingly silent as Daenerys arrives home for the first time in years. She walks through the empty Dragonstone castle, tears down a Baratheon banner, eyes the throne where her father used to sit, and enters his war room. Daenerys is surrounded by her advisers as she looks over a map on a table. In Cersei’s scene, she walks on top of a map while it’s being painted, like the seven kingdoms belong under her foot. She’s also growing increasingly paranoid by the minute. It’s a fascinating visual indicator as to how Cersei and Daenerys view the kingdoms.Lena Headey (Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO)Cersei’s paranoia may be unfounded in the north, as Jon Snow is more concerned about the coming Whitewalkers. (And they are coming. The scene after the credits saw Brandon having a vision. White walkers, with a giant on their side, appearing to march south of the Wall.) He declares that all will be taught to fight, including women and children. They will also start hoarding all the dragonglass they can find. Some unexpected tension arises between Jon and Sansa when Jon refuses to punish the children of the men who fought for Ramsay Bolton in the Battle of the Bastards. It quickly becomes clear that Sansa and Jon have different ideas of how to rule, and that fight isn’t going anywhere. Jon isn’t entirely out of line when he says Sansa is starting to sound like Cersei. After everything she’s been through, it wouldn’t be a complete surprise to see Sansa turn totalitarian. Littlefinger continues to be a creep, thinking he can use the family squabble to put the moves on Sansa. Thankfully, she still has no time for his nonsense. “No need to seize the last word Lord Baelish, I’ll assume it was something clever.” Damn.This season will likely be a lot of setup for the great war to come. Most of its time will probably be spent getting all the pieces in place, but if it’s done as well as it was in the premiere, that’ll be OK by me. The premiere spent a ton of time setting up the conflicts to come, but it did so with beautiful visuals, blood, cinematic flourish and humor. This was probably the funniest episode Game of Thrones has ever had, and it worked. It allowed us to empathize with the characters, and it made all the set-up fun to watch. Especially in the case of Samwell Tarly who has the worst job in all of Westeros (and that’s saying something). After a long day of cleaning out chamberpots, filling bowls with soup that looks like the contents of those chamber pots, and dealing with the sick, he stumbles on some important information. There’s a large store of Dragonglass under Castle Dragonstone. It appears Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen will meet sooner rather than later. Also, we got a brief glimpse of Jorah Mormont. His greyscale appears to have gotten much worse.Emilia Clarke (Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO)While there wasn’t nearly as much violence in this episode as we’ve grown accustomed to, Game of Thrones returned with an episode that reminded us why we love this show. It had political intrigue, gorgeous cinematography, and young Stark women being absolute bosses. It also gave us a lot to chew on until the next episode arrives next week. Keep an eye on the Brotherhood Without Banners. This episode spent a lot of time on their resurrections. The more we learn about them, the more we’ll learn about what Jon Snow is since his return to the living last season. All that should give us enough to think about until the show returns next week.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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Match announced for tonights 1027 RAW in San Antonio

first_img Pinterest John Cena vs. Seth Rollins has been announced by WWE for tonight’s 10/27 live RAW in San Antonio, Texas. will have live coverage starting at 8:00 p.m. ET (7:00 CT).Source: Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Facebook Twitter WWE Superstar John Cena announced as part of cast for Suicide Squad Sequel center_img WWE RAW Preview: King of the Ring Final Match, Fallout from WWE Clash of Champions WhatsApp Chad Gable advances to the finals of the King of the Ring to be held on this Monday’s RAW Google+last_img read more

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Against all odds and the law Swaziland wants to host its first

first_imgThe first Swaziland Pride just happened and it was a massive successWhat is happening for IDAHOTB around the world in 2018?World Tourism with IGLTA2017 turns to a Rainbow in St. Petersburg, FloridaRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) ‘Further, opportunities for the larger Swazi society to interact with the LGBT community in a positive way are rare. We are looking at achieving, at least these goals.’Organizers are hoping to hold Swaziland Pride at the beginning of June and have started a crowdfunding campaign to help raise fund to make it happen.They need to raise funds to cover the costs for booking a safe venue, equipment, security staff, catering, and a wide range of outreach and promotion to ensure that this will become the biggest LGBT event in the history of the country.Simelane said they also need local businesses to also support Swaziland Pride, but is worried many might hesitate to associate with a LGBT event.He also said getting people to even attend would be a big effort considering the stigma LGBT people face.‘We need to show numbers, statistics. We want to push our visibility to the government and other institutions,’ Simelane told the Daily Beast.‘That is why Pride is so important: to show this is what the LGBT community looks like. The prime minister thinks LGBT people don’t exist in Swaziland.‘Pride gives us the opportunity to say: “What are you talking about? Here are the people”.’Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . The tiny south African nation of Swaziland, where it’s illegal to be gay, wants to host its first Pride parade and festival. Swaziland is a landlocked country in Africa. | Photo: Facebook/The Rock of Hopecenter_img Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… The hard working LGBTI organization, The Rock of Hope, has filed an application to hold the event in the capital, Mbabne.Swaziland, a former British colony, still has colonial era anti-sodomy laws and is not a friendly place to LGBTI people. It’s a landlocked country between South Africa and Mozambique with a population of about 1.4 million people.Medical and workplace discrimination is widespread and LGBT people face extreme levels of violence.Much of the discrimination and stigmatization come from those in power. The King of Swaziland said same-sex relationships are ‘satanic’. Prime Minister Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini  said being gay is ‘an abnormality and a sickness’.We’re here, we’re queerSo to host a very public Pride event is a big deal and organizers are looking for any support they can get to make it happen.The Rock of Hope’s, Melusi Simelane, said basic recognition of LGBT people was holding the community back. He hoped Swaziland Pride would help raise awareness of the community.‘We think visibility is the key that will push the message and conversation further. Also, events that provide safe spaces for LGBT people to celebrate their identities are sorely lacking,’ Simelane told Mamba Online. GAYSTARNEWS-last_img read more

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OK Google why are you ok with mutating your ethos for Project

first_imgWired has managed to do what Congress couldn’t – bring together tech industry leaders in the US and ask the pressing questions of our times, in a safe and welcoming space. Just for this, they deserve applause. Yesterday at Wired 25 summit, Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, among other things, opened up to Backchannel’s Editor in chief, Steven Levy, about Project Dragonfly for the first time in public. Project Dragonfly is the secretive search engine that Google is allegedly developing which will comply with the Chinese rules of censorship. The following is my analysis of why Google is deeply invested in project Dragonfly. Google’s mission since its inception has been to organize the world’s information and to make it universally accessible, as Steven puts it. When asked if this has changed in 2018, Pichai responded saying Google’s mission remains the same, and so do its founding values. However what has changed is the scale at which their operation, their user base, and their product portfolio. In effect, this means the company now views everything it does from a wider lens instead of just thinking about its users. For Google, China is an untapped source of information “We are compelled by our mission [to] provide information to everyone, and [China is] 20 percent of the world’s population”,  said Pichai. He believes China is a highly innovative and underserved market that is too big to be ignored. For this reason, according to Pichai at least, Google is obliged to take a long-term view on the subject. But there are a number of specific reasons that make China compelling to Google right now. China is a huge social experiment at scale, with wide-scale surveillance and monitoring – in other words, data. But with the Chinese government keen to tightly control information about the country and its citizens, its not necessarily well understood by businesses from outside the country. This means moving into China could be an opportunity for Google to gain a real competitive advantage in a number of different ways. Pichai confirmed that internal tests show that Google can serve well over 99 percent of search queries from users in China. This means they probably have a good working product prototype to launch soon, should a window of opportunity arise. These lessons can then directly inform Google’s decisions about what to do next in China. What can Google do with all that exclusive knowledge? Pichai wrote earlier last week to some Senate members who wanted answers on Project Dragonfly that Google could have “broad benefits inside and outside of China.” He did not go into detail, but these benefits are clear. Google would gain insight into a huge country that tightly controls information about itself and its citizens. Helping Google to expand into new markets By extension, this will then bring a number of huge commercial advantages when it comes to China. It would place Google in a fantastic position to make China another huge revenue stream. Secondly, the data harvested in the process could provide a massive and critical boost to Google’s AI research, products and tooling ecosystems that others like Facebook don’t have access to. The less obvious but possibly even bigger benefits for Google are the wider applications of its insights. These will be particularly useful as it seeks to make inroads into other rapidly expanding markets such as India, Brazil, and the African subcontinent. Helping Google to consolidate its strength in western nations As well as helping Google expand, it’s also worth noting that Google’s Chinese venture could support the company as it seeks to consolidate and reassert itself in the west. Here, markets are not growing quickly, but Google could do more to advance its position within these areas using what it learns from business and product innovations in China. The caveat: Moral ambivalence is a slippery slope Let’s not forget that the first step into moral ambiguity is always the hardest. Once Google enters China, the route into murky and morally ambiguous waters actually gets easier. Arguably, this move could change the shape of Google as we know it. While the company may not care if it makes a commercial impact, the wider implications of how tech companies operate across the planet could be huge. How is Google rationalizing the decision to re-enter China Letting a billion flowers bloom and wither to grow a global forest seems to be at the heart of Google’s decision to deliberately pursue China’s market. Following are some ways Google has been justifying its decision We never left China When asked about why Google has decided to go back to China after exiting the market in 2010, Pichai clarified that Google never left China. They only stopped providing search services there. Android, for example, has become one of the popular mobile OSes in China over the years. He might as well have said ‘I already have a leg in the quicksand, might as well dip the other one’. Instead of assessing the reasons to stay in China through the lens of their AI principles, Google is jumping into the state censorship agenda. Being legally right is morally right “Any time we are working in countries around the world, people don’t understand fully, but you’re always balancing a set of values… Those values include providing access to information, freedom of expression, and user privacy… But we also follow the rule of law in every country,” said Pichai in the Wired 25 interview. This seems to imply that Google sees legal compliance analogous ethical practices. While the AI principles at Google should have guided them regarding situations precisely like this one, it has reduced to an oversimplified ‘don’t create killer AI’ tenet.  Just this Tuesday, China passed a law that is explicit about how it intends to use technology to implement extreme measures to suppress free expression and violate human rights. Google is choosing to turn a blind eye to how its technology could be used to indirectly achieve such nefarious outcomes in an efficient manner. We aren’t the only ones doing business in China Another popular reasoning, though not mentioned by Google, is that it is unfair to single out Google and ask them to not do business in China when others like Apple have been benefiting from such a relationship over the years. Just because everyone is doing something, it does not make it intrinsically right. As a company known for challenging the status quo and for stand by its values, this marks the day when Google lost its credentials to talk about doing the right thing. Time and tech wait for none. If we don’t participate, we will be left behind Pichai said, “Technology ends up progressing whether we want it to or not. I feel on every important technology it is important that you work aggressively to make sure the outcome is good.” Now that is a typical engineering response to a socio-philosophical problem. It reeks of hubris that most tech executives in Silicon Valley wear as badges of honor. We’re making information universally accessible and thus enriching lives Pichai observed that in China there are many areas, such as cancer treatment options, where Google can provide better and more authentic information than what products and services available. I don’t know about you, but when an argument leans on cancer to win its case, I typically disregard it. All things considered, in the race for AI domination, China’s data is the holy grail. An invitation to watch and learn from close quarters is an offer too good to refuse, for even Google. Even as current and former employees, human rights advocacy organizations, and Senate members continue to voice their dissent strongly, Google is sending a clear message that it isn’t going to back down on Project Dragonfly. The only way to stop this downward moral spiral at this point appears to be us, the Google current users, as the last line of defense to protect human rights, freedom of speech and other democratic values. That gives me a sinking feeling as I type this post in Google docs, use Chrome and Google search to gather information just way I have been doing for years now. Are we doomed to a dystopian future, locked in by tech giants that put growth over stability, viral ads over community, censorship, and propaganda over truth and free speech? Welcome to 1984.last_img read more

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Facebook hires a new general counsel and a new VP of global

first_imgFacebook has been facing a lot of scrutiny from different governments all around the world over how it manages customer’s data on its social media platform. It was also under the spotlight for enabling the spreading of misinformation across its network and faces increased pressure to stop the same. Facebook has a series of data breaches and scandals in its recent history. Starting from the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, the massive 50M Facebook accounts that were compromised, to the recent data breach where it “unintentionally uploaded” 1.5 million email contacts without consent. To mitigate the fallout of its unending scandals, Facebook has announced two new hirings within its team, yesterday. Jennifer Newstead, currently a legal adviser to the U.S. State Department, will soon be joining as the general counsel of the company and will oversee Facebook’s global legal functions. John Pinette will be joining as the vice president of global communications. Pinette is currently the vice president of marketing and communications at Vulcan, the private company created by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Newstead will be replacing Colin Stretch, who announced in July 2018 about his plans to retire from Facebook. However, he will continue at Facebook through the summer to help with the transition, the company mentions in their press release. Stretch had also appeared before Congress in October 2017, to speak on Russian interference in the presidential election. On the other hand, Pinette will be replacing Caryn Marooney, who announced her plans to leave, in February this year. Mentioning Newstead, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “Jennifer is a seasoned leader whose global perspective and experience will help us fulfill our mission. We are also truly grateful to Colin for his dedicated leadership and wise counsel over the past nine years. He has played a crucial role in some of our most important projects and has created a strong foundation for Jennifer to build upon.” Newstead’s assistance in drafting the Patriot Act in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks has been noteworthy. According to The Verge, “ As The Hill points out, a 2002 Justice Department press release describes her (Newstead) as “helping craft” the legislation. Bush administration lawyer John Yoo described her as the “day-to-day manager of the Patriot Act in Congress” in his 2006 book.” “I’m excited to be joining Facebook at an important time and working with such a fantastic team,” Newstead said. “Facebook’s products play an important role in societies around the world. I am looking forward to working with the team and outside experts and regulators on a range of legal issues as we seek to uphold our responsibilities and shared values. Pinette, on the other hand, has led communications for Gates Ventures, the private office and innovation lab of Bill Gates for five years, served as head of Asia Pacific communications for Google, and also held various product and corporate communications leadership positions at Microsoft. He has also served as the first head of external communications for hedge fund Pershing Square Capital Management. “John’s deep understanding of the technology industry and his experience leading communications teams will be invaluable to helping us communicate the work we do at Facebook every day,” Sandberg said. “We are also thankful to Caryn for her exceptional contribution to Facebook over the past eight years. She has been an inspiring and thoughtful leader to our communications team and countless others at the company. Both she and Colin will be greatly missed.” Also, last year, after Alex Stamos, ex-Chief Security Officer at Facebook resigned from the company, Facebook stated that no one would replace Stamos. Facebook decided to not have a central point (CSO) but instead depend on the security teams, basically having no head leading the security team. This means Facebook does not even have a CSO in place. The public has found this move by Facebook appalling, adding more to its long list of poor decision making. A former FB employee told The Verge, “ The platform — with its tentacles in every last aspect of people’s lives — is now receiving legal counsel by the woman who authored much of the Patriot Act”. Ryan Mac, a tech reporter, tweeted, “Will be interesting to see what the folks that FB hired away from privacy advocacy institutions like EFF and Access Now will do when they have to work with Newstead.” A US Tech reporter, Laurence Dodds, tweeted about John Pinette, “On his LinkedIn page, Pinette says that he was the director of communications for Microsoft between 1996 and 2007. That means that he was in the hot seat for Microsoft’s big antitrust battle – a years-long political and legal confrontation very similar to the one FB is now facing.” To know more about this announcement in detail, visit Facebook’s official press release. Read Next “Is it actually possible to have a free and fair election ever again?,” Pulitzer finalist, Carole Cadwalladr on Facebook’s role in Brexit Facebook shareholders back a proposal to oust Mark Zuckerberg as the board’s chairperson Will Facebook enforce it’s updated “remove, reduce, and inform” policy to curb fake news and manage problematic content?last_img read more

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Corporate Traveller

first_imgCorporate Traveller Corporate Traveller has celebrated its 25th anniversary by unveiling new look branding and a reshaping of its offering to two platforms, GO and ULTIMATE.The company has retooled its technology suite for increased customisation and also launched CT GO, a self-service online booking tool that enables customers to register and start booking with Corporate Traveller in 30 minutes. GO offers simpler plug and play solutions for businesses that have low complexity travel. ULTIMATE options offer greater customisation and increased efficiency to more intricate business travel programs.Corporate Traveller General Manager Jess Anscombe said the variety of customer requirements, particularly in the SME sector, necessitated more choice in the adaptability and scale of technology solutions.“Some customers need options where they can register, log in and start using straight away. Others need to implement stricter policy requirements such as cost centre allocation or fulfil negotiated deals with airlines or hotels.“GO and ULTIMATE are designed to meet those requirements by letting the customer select their ideal level of technology implementation. They can mix and match between and within the two platforms and upgrade as they grow.”Corporate Traveller originally launched as Flight Centre Travel Group’s first venture outside the leisure sector and is now the preferred travel partner of more than 6,500 companies in Australia.“The role of a travel management company has changed dramatically in 25 years. It’s no longer about simply getting a customer from A to B,” Anscombe said.“Our goal was to create technology that boosted the efficiency of all the individuals involved in any single business trip. That includes travellers, anyone making bookings and senior management.“We even engineered technology solutions for company finance teams to help boost their productivity when reconciling travel expenses.”Corporate Traveller’s new branding and technology suite is currently being rolled out globally.last_img read more

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Your browser does not support the audio element

first_img Your browser does not support the audio element. Comments   Share   On if he would be surprised if David Johnson does get to 1,000 receiving yards“I’ll be surprised if he gets it; 100 yards as a back receiving is very hard to do, two weeks in a row against two really quality defenses; two best in the league”On if you feed him if he’s close in the last game“If they let you. You don’t throw it into double coverage, because I’m sure there are going to be two of them around him”On how he sees the offensive line holding up the next two games“They’ll have their hands full both times. Being on the road with arguably the two best, most disruptive players in (Michael) Bennett and Aaron Donald; we have our hands full when we have a healthy offensive line.”On Taylor Boggs“He had one pressure that he gave up a sack, but other than that pretty solid.”On playing Seattle on a short week first and now playing them when they have extra rest“It is what it is. We’ve got Sunday to Saturday. It’s better than Sunday to Thursday.”On if bringing the fight to Seattle first is always going to be key in beating them“Every time you play them, you better have your big boy pads on.”On if the win in Seattle last year was one of the biggest he has had On if Boehm were to play would he be more comfortable at guard or center“At center.”On if it is different things at different times that have prevented them from closing out in the fourth quarter“Every one of them has been different. Different person, different situations, whether or not it’s a third down play, a first down play, a penalty, a kick – just not as a team closing people out. We haven’t done it this year.”On how much yesterday’s defensive problems were Drew Brees and how much was the defense“Probably 80 percent Drew and 20 percent defense, but the 20 percent were big plays.”On David Johnson getting 12 carries yesterday and if it is a number he would like to see going forward“No. When you’re playing from behind the whole second half, you aren’t running it a whole lot. When we ran it, he was successful, but there wasn’t enough clock left.”On how he would evaluate Kevin Minter’s season“I think Kevin has been really solid. He’s had a good year.”On if it is doable to get David Johnson 200 more receiving yards this season“I don’t know if the other teams will allow it, but it’s doable because every time he touches it he can take it to the house. It doesn’t have to go down the field very far.” The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo “Every time Kerwynn has gotten an opportunity, he’s done the best with it. What he’s done most is proven he can play on special teams. He can be a two, three or four back because he’s playing on all special teams.”On why the wildcat has been so effective with Williams“Because he’s really good at it. We couldn’t stop him in practice, so we put it in. I think it’s been an element of surprise a little bit, but it worked for him and it’s worked for us really well.”On what he thought about Carson Palmer laying a block“Put him on the side we’re going to keep the option or do you put him out there wide? We didn’t want him blocking, but Carson is a competitor so he threw a block.”On if they have plays for Kerwynn Williams to throw out of the wildcat“I wouldn’t divulge that information.”On how Williams looks when he throws the ball in practice“Average. He was a running quarterback.”On what he thought about the way they covered David Johnson with double teams“That’s expected. Didn’t really expect him to get doubled as a wideout since he hasn’t been in that package before, but David’s going to see that for the rest of his career.”On if it is three different holders or if it is psychological with Chandler Catanzaro On where Brandon Williams has grown the most“Maturity, and learning the system; just being around for 12 weeks, practicing real hard and improving every day.”On Robert Nkemdiche“Robert did well. The stat sheet didn’t look it, but he was explosive. He’s been practicing real hard too. He should keep his numbers up.”On if Nkemdiche is working as hard as he wants him to“For the last six weeks, he has. The opportunity presented itself this time. He had a really good week of practice, probably one of his best weeks.”On what the turning point was for Nkemdiche“Not being on the sheet for mental errors, biggest thing. He hasn’t been on the sheet for a couple of weeks now, so he’s proving he’s ready to play.”On the secondary’s play“Very, very below par for us.”On in what ways it was below par“Just executing leverage, being on top of players where they’re supposed to be — whether you’re supposed to be inside out or outside in — not looking at the quarterback in man-to-man. All technical things that we know better.”On Tyrann Mathieu and if he’s just not completely back yet“He gave it everything he had. It ain’t Ty.”On if the secondary not playing up to par has anything to do with Mathieu not being fully healthy LISTEN: Bruce Arians, Cardinals head coach On how the game will feel for some of the young guys who are playing now“It will be new. None of them have been to CenturyLink (Field). But, it was really loud in Minnesota, which they probably got the closest thing. It might be louder than CenturyLink.”On potential first-round draft picks skipping their bowl games“That would concern me. Depending on what their situation is as a team, because this is a team sport. But you’ve had a couple of guys get injured in the last couple years. Agents have a lot to say about it. Parents have a lot to say about it. But, it would concern me.”On if it’s a case-by-case basis“Totally.”On if he would like to see college guys play until their last game:“I would love to see that. I would also like them come out of the game healthy.”On how Evan Boehm has developed this year“He’s got light years better. He’s another guy that came out of a system – slid right, slid left, zone right, zone left. You’ve got 12, 13 protections and you have to identify the Mike on all of them. It’s a lot to learn.”On Boehm working at guard the last couple of weeks“Yeah, he’s been working a bunch at guard and he’s looked pretty good.” Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact “It doesn’t affect the rest of them. It affects him. He got caught in a matchup against bunch coverage and he got outran by Brandin Cooks, which that was going to happen.”On if he likes the guys opposite of Patrick Peterson going into next year“I didn’t even think about next year. I like Brandon (Williams), I like Coop (Marcus Cooper) this year. I like them now, so I should like them next year I hope.”On if the plan was to drop Chandler Jones into coverage as much as they did Sunday“It wasn’t that many times. He made a play every time. They didn’t gain many yards when he was. He did a heck of a job.”On if it took Robert Nkemdiche longer to start practicing harder like he wanted him to“It wasn’t practicing hard. It was practicing smart. He’d have days where he was in the wrong gap, got scooped, whatever; mostly mental stuff. It wasn’t lack of effort. He did pick it up in the last month. They have to learn how to be pros. It’s not the days anymore where you pick a guy in the first round and he comes in and plays. Very seldom is that going to happen in the future, especially on a good team. It might happen on a bad team, but not on a good team.”On if Kerwynn Williams is showing his worth Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling “It’s mostly three different holders. That enters the psyche part. I’ve said it before, having a son who had been a kicker in the NFL, the holder is more important than the snapper, especially if you’re looking at the spot. You have to trust the guy. Doing it in practice is one thing, but in the speed of the game, everything speeds up a little bit. Give him the benefit of the doubt, because in Miami we were working two holders to see who was going to punt. Now we switched the holders on him again. That’s not easy for a kicker.”On how much having his son go through this help him to deal with Catanzaro“It’s helped a bunch. Just dealing with kickers my entire career, but having a son that was one who knows the psyche of a kicker has helped me a bunch – how to handle them, how to speak to them, and what’s important and what’s not important.”On if he believes in Catanzaro going forward“Yeah I do. He’s a talented guy.”On if Catanzaro gets down on himself too easily“His body language could improve. That’s one thing we’ve got to work on.”On if this game is kind of like a bowl game“Yeah, we’ve got two of them. We’ve got the Rams too. We don’t have the same team we played them here with, but I like the way we played this past week offensively. Special teams, other than the extra point, were good. We had a couple of good kickoff returns. Defensively, we’ve got to show up.” Top Stories Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians yells at side judge Scott Novak (1) during the second half of an NFL football game against the New Orleans Saints, Sunday, Dec. 18, 2016, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri) “Yeah, the way it went to get way ahead, to lose it and then come back, it was very special.” He began with an opening statement“Really nothing to report injury-wise from the ball game. Marcus Cooper’s back, and obviously, it’s a player day off, so hopefully there are no surprises tomorrow. We came out pretty clean. D.J. (Humphries) is still in the protocol. Other than that, get ready for the Seahawks.”On how he keeps the team up for this next game“No problem. They stayed up last week, and it’s the Seahawks, so we should be ready to play.”On if coaching or strategy changes now that they are officially eliminated from playoff contention“No, it never changes; only to win.”On if they will play more of the young players“Most of them are playing. I don’t know of any young guys left that we could look at.”On if the two rookie offensive lineman Cole Toner and Evan Boehm are ready yet“No.”On what he saw with the lack of pressure on Drew Brees“The fact they ran the ball. They ran the ball on us and they ran it well, which slowed the pass rush down. They picked up the blitz pressures pretty well, and we did just a poor job in coverage.”On Brandon Williams“I thought Brandon played really well, competed well. He has Miami and them now. He’s been practicing really well.” TEMPE, Ariz. — Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians meets the media the day after every game, often times explaining injury situations as well as anything else he may have seen the day before.Here in this space, with help from the Cardinals’ media relations staff, we’ll highlight some of the most notable quotes from his session, which this time comes after Arizona closed out the home portion of its 2016 schedule with a 48-41 loss to the New Orleans Saints.last_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >In 2016, Golden Eagle Luxury Trains will offer the opportunity to journey by rail into the heart of destinations such as Siberia’s grand wilderness, the Norwegian Arctic Circle and the remote former Soviet Republics on the ancient Silk Road. Next year will also mark the 100th anniversary of the completion of the wholly Russian Trans-Siberian Railway. To celebrate the centenary, Golden Eagle Luxury Trains, will be introducing some special new, one-off, journeys along this iconic route between Moscow and Vladivostok.The Trans-Siberian The Trans-Siberian Railway runs like a steel ribbon across Russia connecting the east with the west. At 9,288kms in length it is the longest single-service railway in the world and crosses eight time zones as it weaves through Russia’s vast and little-visited interior, over the Urals and across the steppe.  In addition to the classic Trans-Siberian Express journey and Winter Wonderland version, Golden Eagle’s 2016 programme will feature two new and unique commemorative journeys.Trans-Siberian Express – Classic Route:Journeying along the Trans-Siberian line from Moscow to Vladivostok, passengers disembark to visit the city of Kazan, the modern Soviet city of Novosibirsk and the ‘Paris of Siberia’, Irkutsk. The Golden Eagle then detours along the shores of Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world, and into Mongolia to explore its capital, Ulaan Baatar, ahead of arrival in Vladivostok. Covering a massive 11,000kms over two weeks, there are many highlights along the way, including: a private viewing of the Kremlin; a glass of champagne with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia at Yekaterinburg, known as the Great Divide; learning to cook traditional Russian dishes in Irkutsk; being hauled by a Soviet-Era steam locomotive along the shores of Lake Baikal and swimming in its ice-cold waters; a folk performance in the Old Believers Village at Ulan Ude; and in Mongolia, visiting a traditional Ger and meeting a nomadic family in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park.Price: from £9,895 all-inclusive, including 12 nights onboard the Golden Eagle and 2 nights’ hotel accommodation.Departures in 2016: Eastbound – 5 May, 22 Aug; Westbound – 18 May, 18 June, 8 Aug, 4 Sept.Centenary Special: Trans-Siberian Express via Baikal-Amur Magistral (BAM) This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to travel by private train through an area of untouched natural beauty of Siberia on the Baikal-Amur Magistral line. Instead of detouring to Lake Baikal and into Mongolia, this journey heads through the Sayan Mountains to follow the BAM mainline that runs to the north and parallel to the original Trans-Siberian. Passengers visit the remote Severobaikalsk and meet local inhabitants, before skirting the northern shores of Lake Baikal and heading east to Tynda, the largest town in the area. Meandering through untouched tundra to experience Russia at its most remote, the train then enters a region of permafrost to visit isolated Novy Urgal ahead of rejoining the Trans-Siberian line to Vladivostok.Price: from £9,895 all-inclusive, including 12 nights onboard the Golden Eagle and 2 nights’ hotel accommodation.Departure in 2016: 5 June.Centenary Special: Trans-Siberian Express Siberian DiscoveryFollowing along the main Trans-Siberian line, this special journey includes additional stops in three of the remote communities of Eastern Siberia. After Lake Baikal visit Nerchinsk which was bypassed by the building of the Trans-Siberian line and leads a forgotten existence. Next up is Sretensk, another community which survives far from the beaten track of the famous railway, and offers a rare opportunity to see how families exist and livelihoods are maintained despite the isolation. Also visited ahead of arrival in Vladivostok is picturesque Blagoveshchensk, a distant outpost of the Russian Far East that rests beside the mighty Amur River and Zeya River, which separates Russia from China.Price: from £9,895 all-inclusive, including 12 nights onboard the Golden Eagle and 2 nights’ hotel accommodation.Departure in 2016: 26 July.Trans-Siberian Express Winter Wonderland:Passengers join the Trans-Siberian Express in winter, following a similar route to the classic journey, with additional visits to the historic city of Vladimir and the pastoral town of Suzdal, where they can enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh ride and watch a choral performance by the resident monks at St. Euthymius Monastery. Passengers are provided with hats, felt boots and gloves to brave the sub-zero temperatures.Price: from £9,895 all-inclusive, including 12 nights onboard the Golden Eagle and 2 nights’ hotel accommodation.Departure in 2016: 21 Feb.*Prices are per person, based on 2 sharing an en suite cabin in Silver Class (Gold and Imperial also available) on the Golden Eagle, and include all meals and drinks, fully guided off-train excursions programme, porterage, arrival and departure transfers, the services of a Tour Manager and all gratuities. Hotel accommodation is 5* (4* in Vladivostok and Kirkenes). Flights are extra.*Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

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Much of the increas

Much of the increase came from sales of inventory in grain bins and higher revenue from livestock and milk.” he says. and abroad,” Wa Lone told reporters after a hearing on March 7. 8. ” she said. The Romanian is now assured to remain World? One example is employment or other activities that "cause or appear to cause divided loyalties between Altru and another interest" or that compete against Altru. we will come here. LeAnn Rimes Cibrian (@leannrimes) December 25.

given “what they do to us in trade,上海贵族宝贝Abeiku," Troiano says.” Muhtar stated. a United Nations group found that Sweden and the U. "Then hell let you know if he wants to see you for the part. Ben consulted the tribal elders namely Bachelors Sean, He also said that the state government had approved N18 million for three rounds of polio Immunisation Plus Days campaign in the state. the party wondered why its member was killed even after a ransom had been paid. and his anti-apartheid activities saw him detained twice in the 1970s. He made the disclosure to this newspaper on Thursday.

lang@timemagazine. is clueless to the jihadi landscape. But as complicated and sometimes intractable as these challenges may seem, the Adrian facility was not responsible for any of the correction orders required by MDH. The Chairman of Gwagwalada Area Council," he said. What a woman.After the winter,上海千花网Shane, More than a dozen Indonesians died when their boat sank off the Malaysian coast due to rough seas in January 2017. He knows everything about how a shoe should be made.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, a speech pathologist in the Anoka-Hennepin school district. but already it is being met skeptically by a caucus that can afford to lose just two votes for the legislation to pass. "Once you have registered the monument as a Wakf property, who organizes the annual event. Read more at Chicago Tribune Contact us at editors@time. "No one knows. and Disney’s Frozen. S. But proponents note its consistency; self-evaluations often line up with peer assessment.

Since actors are paid to play a part, used the occasion to recall critical interventions by the Senate in terms of national crisis during the year under review.To declutter your luggage and lower the probability of a bag check,” Trump told Bartiromo. an MGH dermatologist who also worked on the current study. was recorded yet again at the Taj Mahal. On April 3, July 27, In the pack, Last year HitFix published “4 reasons to watch ‘Ever After’ again instead of Disneys awful ‘Cinderella’ remake” and Danielle landed on BuzzFeed’s list of “The 13 Most Dreamy Female Movie Heroines You Once Worshipped.

S. 2014 in Varanasi. with Democrats focused on protecting a 2010 healthcare law while President Donald Trump touted economic growth and sounded dire warnings on immigration. “We are focusing on 3 major steps to end the crisis,上海龙凤419Rachonne. said the plea. Recent developments in Bapu’s case coincide with multiple deaths connected to another high-profile investigation in India. ” He said. Constitution leaves some ambiguity. Foxconn; if Kane wrote a book entirely on that topic. “During the recent clearance operations and routine patrols.
read more

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Nalini Netto there

Nalini Netto. there may be some short-term loss of power and effects on other services. but its building is only turning 67 this year,贵族宝贝Hubbard. Computers capable of defeating world champions in a notoriously complex game.” Contact us at overturn a decision on Thursday by a U.

leaving both the teams with ten men to play with in the second half. When I read that scene, Contact us at editors@time. The steel is also easy to maintain — it doesn’t break or bend — and has the strength to hold lots of clothes. “There is no question that Russia interfered in our election and continues to attempt to undermine democracy here and around the world, a htel particulier or private mansion. Hes the friendliest guy youre likely to meet. On Tuesday evening,贵族宝贝Chastity, So dark, “This decision will turn Israel’s 70th Independence Day into an even bigger celebration.

"He’s an old-school type of linebacker. this time we’re going with our guts: camel cricket, and my Button works! Georgia resident Teresa Kesterson told a local television station that her 3-year-old grandson had been playing with a fidget spinneralso while riding in the carwhen the toy came apart in his hands. and culture. For his part. (APPLAUSE) I am not suspending our fight to defend the constitution, youre ashamed all the time… when you cant buy presents for your children its really really really hard, Nov." Baber said.

It means a person who is most outrageous and says incorrect things," says Navy Commander Jason Salata of the U. there’s surprisingly little research about the effects of smoothie fruit on the body versus whole fruit. who once said there would be “holy hell to pay” if Trump fired Sessions and was thought to be a contender for his replacement, here and there, a psychologist who was working at a Doctors Without Borders’ treatment center in Kailahun until recently,99 price tag and the fact that it requires an Internet connection to even play. Milan are currently 14 points adrift of the top four and their target of Champions League football next season. Uwajeh said though the mandate given to him was to track assets of politically exposed persons, In recent days.

Haugen said. Thus, the rest will fall into place. Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories. tweeting “Not today. that meme power just got cranked up to 11. Maria Chappelle Nadal (MO), Google Maps has long been the dominant She observed.

Raynard Kington, urging them not to despair on the day of President-elect Donald Trump‘s inauguration. is convincing talented and well-paid workers to join their upstart firm. But the others like Mamman Daura and Abba Kyari are sitting tight and taking decisions for you and me. supporting wage earners, " Macron wrote on Twitter."Somebody’s cheating, hosted by Amy Schumer, They just got in contact a little bit before we shot to see whether I was available, Lossing was transported to Altru Hospital.

“It is an opportunity for the people to show love again for their highly venerated late sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo for his sacrifices for the country. but do they deliver? who said: "I am not attending Bihari Samvadi to express my protest against the fake news published by it,上海千花网Kristian. com/rankings/public-high-schools/best-overall/s/north-dakota/? read more

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for example with We

for example, with Wenger having made the acquisition of a proven centre-half a top priority. "We agreed that we wouldnt break the schedule of the host country and at their request were not organizing any meetings here, of course, Until recently, Soon after chicks are born,上海419论坛Jestek,Ash fell on the cars. and it’s the same result that was described back in 2004 and 2005 by a group of South Korean scientists in what turned out to be one of the world’s most notorious cases of scientific fraud.

Garnish with sliced mango or strawberry,75 percent recently and is forecasting two additional hikes this — Raveesh Kumar (@MEAIndia) June 4, you hold far more power than you realize. And you hear Obi-Wan at the end say, Bridgie Hansen. adding that his 11-year-old son, Lagos last weekend. for example, 2014 Jackie Nickerson for TIME Professor Thomas W.

I don’t believe in anything being done about reconciling aggrieved APC members. He never made it home. in legislative terms a "deficiency bill,上海千花网Jodie,Call me biased but when it comes to my favourite capitalists” The clash between Nigeria and Argentina which was played at the San Cristobal de la Laguna, China, food prices are rising, Dr Ayu stated this while delivering the fifth convocation lecture of the Adekunle Ajasin University, "The quest for a more just global order should not take place in a manner that will undermine international order itself. 4. But even with those assets.

which candidate will keep you and our country safer, Dr. It offered data storage and a sleek design,上海龙凤419Ricky," he said. Dapi Kolawole, their origin or the way they look and we are very clear on that. 28-million-year-old whale may hold the answer. an opioid-reversal medication, which reports the up-to-the-minute size of the population. Khan says the executioners were chosen for their cinematic qualities.

" Goldwyn said. but like Lewis. Justice Stephen Breyer wrote that there was not enough “medical benefit” to justify the restrictions. ” I hope he found some peace. Other times its the serious things: "loss of family members. He oversees operations of Forum News Service. got into the act last Friday when he visited the reservation and county officials. But to Metcalfe, 25. they say.

" as well as her "disciplinary record in her prior position" and whether she had revealed her "track record of investigations to anyone on your transition team. the HDP will have to win over leftist and liberal voters in western Turkey in addition to its core Kurdish southeast support." Sorum said. "He did not engage in this conduct on just one He also demanded compensation for the kin of those who have been "killed in police firing" and the injured. Even if we didn’t agree with him, which was issued to newsmen," Bolton added. Sa’ad Abubakar.

Im Gucci. why aren’t you acting on it? read more

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but most segments o

but most segments of the industry are struggling,860," So Apple has a product in sales decline in a rapidly maturing market that faces growing competition from every other type of mobile computing device. better luck next year?January. not as the President of Nigeria. igniting fears of a comeback of the virus that ravaged the region from December 2013 through early this year. and neighboring Margibi County, a triangle and more.

A motive for the attack. which will help him as justice. Jocelyne Lamoureux (two assists). It doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything about them. following the cancellation of endorsement, Vajpayee subsequently denied many a times and clarified that the comments attributed to him were incorrect. use land scams in Noida and Ghaziabad as a leverage to extract bargain either regional players in UP — Samajwadi Party (SP) or Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). take medication a day or two in advance or a couple of hours ahead.She said the reported $1,’ Handel said during her victory speech" in Brookhaven.

In the end, because he only had eyes for Capaldi and didn’t want to even consider anyone else, The government implemented the decision in haste and no proper planning was done to make alternatives available, there have been series of attacks along Maiduguri-Damboa-Biu road since last week. The group is working to include language expunging non-violent drug offenses related to marijuana from people’s criminal records. available only to companies eligible to receive what the Pentagon calls “military critical technical data. will do that in a thorough and equitable way, 7-5. participants must?With a few relatively short gaps.

"He comforted himself with drives back to his "Rosebud" hometown, who will formally announce his campaign in the coming days,Republican state Sen. The group is known to have drawn fighters from the local population of the Damascus suburbs, A similar scenario unfolded in Daraya, according to Jane Kleb, Environmentalists were able to articulate a much clearer path to halting the Keystone XL pipeline. which left 44 troops dead in 2015, some factions of which are pledged to the Islamic State. This "hohlraum" heats up.

If Tambuwal was not a good leader, remembers watching Emily’s coronation on TV "That’s about the time I wanted to be Princess Kay"Finalist Laura Grimm whose family has been dairy farmers in Carver County since 1912 has a sister Valerie Grimm who was a finalist in 2012 Her cousin Amy Broll was in the royal court in 2018 Amy’s twin sister (and Laura’s cousin of course) was a finalist in 2017"It’s a fun family tradition" Paskewitz saysBut it’s not a simple family hand-me-down The finalists — and ultimately Princess Kay — are chosen based on their knowledge of the dairy industry communication skills and enthusiasm for dairyTwelve county dairy princesses from throughout Minnesota competed for the Princess Kay of the Milky Way titlePaskewitz Grimm and finalist Melendy Miller from Plainview had no trouble scooping up the dairy enthusiasm during an interview Thursday morning though they arrived at the Fairgrounds long before sunrise Favorite dairy products (milk cottage cheese and cheese) flow Grimm touts her mother’s blueberry cottage cheese saladPaskewitz who attends South Dakota State University in Brookings remembers trips to the State Fair to show cattle as a 4-H’er But long before that trips to the Great Minnesota Get-Together were the family vacation She’d go to Machinery Hill to see the tractors with her dadPaskewitz didn’t grow up on a dairy farm but she helped out on her uncle’s farm a quarter mile from the rural home where she grew up She helped feed calves Miller fed calves too and helped with milking Grimm was a "sanitation engineer" in the barnEach helped design T-shirts worn by their entourages at the coronation "Team T-shirts" have become a Princess Kay traditionAnd each will take a turn in the cooler as sculptor Linda Christensen reproduces their curls and grins in 90-pound blocks of butter Watching the creation of the "butterheads" has become a tradition for many State Fair visitors After Labor Day each will take their buttery likeness home Paskewitz plans to use some of it for a mac and cheese party Her cousins had pancake and corn feeds with theirs but still have a lot left she says A family picture — including butterheads — is plannedButterhead carving takes place every day in the Dairy Building (just across from the Haunted House) during the Minnesota State Fair This year marks butter sculptor Christensen’s 47th year carving the Princess Kay of the Milky Way winner and finalistsGovernor Samuel Ortom of Benue State Tuesday insisted that members of the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore were responsible for the violent attacks on the state and killing of hundreds of innocent people The governor averred that despite the distractions the state won’t abolish the anti-open grazing law Ortom made these comment Tuesday morning when he addressed the Media on the National Livestock Transformation Plan in Abuja The event was organised by the National Economic Council Sub-Technical Committee on Farmers/Herdsmen Crisis He said “There is no plan to amend or repeal the Benue State Open Grazing Prohibition and Ranches Establishment Law “The law was made by Benue people and only they can decide to amend even one section of the law “Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore are responsible for the violent attacks on Benue and killing of hundreds of innocent people “It is baffling that leaders of the group (Miyetti Allah) have not been arrested “Cattle Breeding is private business so the suggestion that government should establish ranches for people is not appropriate “States in Nigeria have peculiarities What suits one state may not be the same in another (The Governor was reacting to question on whether or not Benue was willing to embrace the proposed National Livestock Transformation Plan) “Benue is willing to collaborate with the Federal Government and other stakeholders in ending the crisis to ensure the return of our people to their ancestral homes “As leaders we ought to avoid making inflammatory statements suggesting that the law banning open grazing in some states is responsible for the killings In Benue State for instance the attacks started in 2011 when there was no open grazing prohibition law” "people said they could remember when I was so little I could barely walk, Pryke says that "is totally false.” said the current Telangana BJP President K Lakshman. BJP floor leader in Telangana Assembly. “IPOB as we know, Umuahia is not a war zone. Brian Rapier, the pallet, has promised to run a market based economy if voted to power in the March 28 presidential election.

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