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The findings underscore the way legal policies—such as the growth of the U. S. it’s a chance for residents to get a peek at hard numbers and for the city to hear what people have to say about whether the city should invest in traffic signals at the intersection"I get a lot of calls that people like the four-way stop" said Jane Williams traffic engineer for the city "I also get a lot of calls that people like the four-way traffic signal That’s what this meeting is all about"She pointed out too that crash records don’t show a crash every month prior to the change as Freeman suggested There were an average of three crashes per year in the years before the first signal was knocked down Williams said though she did note that those are only the ones that were reported to local officialsAsking the publicThe upcoming meeting she said is exactly the kind of place to hear more statistics like those"More information on any subject is always good" she saidThe city has been examining the intersection carefully Williams said in part because of the potential costs involved During the flood of 1997 dirt and particulate was washed into many of the underground wiring routes for the intersection That means that any construction necessary because the foundation for both missing signals was cracked when they were knocked over would likely reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars The price doesn’t bear on the decision itself Williams said but it does inform how carefully they study the decision to install traffic signals With so much money at stake she said the city wants to make sure it’s spending taxpayer dollars wiselyIt’s not clear when the intersection first saw a signal installed Williams said she believes records have been lost in the flood but she suspects there’s been a signal there for at least 60 years She said traffic has fallen off sharply over the years though—especially since Belmont is no longer the main route from Fargo to WinnipegKevin Ohnstad principal at nearby Phoenix Elementary School said he’s heard arguments on both sides of the issue Crosswalks to reach the school run across both streets at the intersection and Ohnstad has heard many voice opinions that it might be helpful for drivers to be conditioned to stop all the time and so a four-way stop might be the best ideaBut Ohnstad said he’s also heard the argument that some kids may find it easier to cross especially on dark mornings at a traffic signal"Everybody has an opinion" he saidWilliams said final decisions on the matter will be made by the City Council and it will begin making its way through the city’s committee system as soon as SeptemberIf Im honest I try to avoid the subject of death at all costs When my time does come though Id like to think Ill be met at the golden gates by loved ones who have gone before me and maybe Elvis Presley just because Until then Ill just have to hope for the best and hope that day doesnt come any time soon because obviously if im not feeling it up there I cant exactly jib it off and come backHowever thats exactly what this lot did and now theyve shared what they experienced on Quora Most of these people were clinically dead but were then revivedBarbara: Although I could hear perfectly – the beeping of the monitor as I flat-lined the code on the PA the squeak-squeak of the crash cart wheels everyone talking at once – I had no other sensationAs I was sinking into unconsciousness I felt very cool relaxed no need to breathe no cause for alarm no pain of any kind totally peaceful Everything grew dark around the edges until there was only blacknessTerrance: I had an experience Theres no bright light Jesus didnt appear Its just an acceptance of reality a definite end like finishing a book I just felt life slipping away getting really tired and all I could think of was the things I didnt accomplishEmmanuel: There was no pain just darkness extreme vulnerability extreme fragility and nothing else It wasnt even revolting or scary Just infinite sadness and nothingness After a while in intensive care my life came back to meVera: It felt like being rising up with a definite sense of direction and inhaling and expanding I tried to look at myself but I was not thereThat shocked me but did not scare me Also I did not feel alone There were "others" whom I could not see but only knew that they were there because they "talked" to meIt was as if they were encouraging and welcoming me I felt this infinite vastness but also the absence of time like everything was collapsed into a zero and happened at the same timeThe last thing I remember is wanting to be somewhere else and being instantly there and that surprised me and delighted me I was so infinitely happy

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