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Russia Japan and China and kept them going for six years through sheer diplomatic will despite numerous occasions when principle stakeholders stormed out It was an unprecedented about-face for China which had previously shunned any global leadership or mediation role John Park director of the Korea Working Group at the Harvard Kennedy School says Trumps current language and behavior “feels like a walk down memory lane … Im wondering if this is an attempt to repeat Bushs playbook" Of course todays Korean Peninsula is radically different from 2003 not least because Pyongyangs nuclear program is significantly more advanced Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il the father of Kim Jong Un had enough conventional weaponry trained on Seoul just 30 miles from the DMZ to devastate the South Korean capital But Kim Jong Un has sufficient nuclear material for more than a dozen atomic bombs There is no weathering that storm And while the elder Kim was willing to publicly embrace at least the rhetoric of nuclear disarmament even as he enhanced his country’s nuclear capabilities in secret his son insists nukes are "nonnegotiable" A Pyongyang spokesman said Thursday’s strike on Syria “proves a million times over” that North Korea is correct to strengthen its nuclear program There are also real doubts over what leverage Beijing still has over the Kim regime Communist Chinas founder Mao Zedong famously described the neighbors as "as close as lips and teeth" and his eldest son died fighting in the Korean War Today though mutual animosity is intense For North Korea Chinas market reforms make it a traitor to the goal of a global socialist utopia; Beijing sees Pyongyang as petulant and unpredictable Even though Beijing made its position clear to Pyongyang by supporting unprecedented UN sanctions following a fourth North Korean nuclear test last February there has since been a fifth test as well as a slew of missile launches After Beijing banned coal imports from North Korea depriving the regime of a cash earner worth $1 billion in 2015 a furious North Korea accused China of "dancing to the tune of the US" and began timing missile launches at provocative moments for Beijing There were launches during China’s most important political convention (the annual meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) in March and immediately before the last weeks Xi-Trump summit Additionally "North Korea has insulted in personal terms using extremely vulgar language the President of China" says Scott Harold an East Asia expert at RAND Corp "Everyone knows how Xi Jinping was called out by Kim Jong Un" China is in a bind It does have significant sway over North Koreas economy being responsible for 90% of Pyongyang’s trade but if it squeezes too hard it risks imposing deprivation and possibly even famine on millions of ordinary North Koreans If resulting instability caused the collapse of the regime waves of refugees would pour into China Even worse a US-allied South Korea would lay claim to the entire peninsula presenting the possibility of US troops and armaments being deployed right on China’s doorstep Beijing could do more in terms of enforcement like ramping up domestic law-enforcement efforts to target the syndicates of corrupt Chinese officials and North Korean businessmen who supply materials for nuclear and missile development "Thats where a lot of the procurement is happening" says Park But that would only slow rather than solve the problem "The bottom line is that nobody has a solution to what is going on in North Korea" says Carlyle Thayer emeritus professor at the Australian Defence Force Academy "What do you force China to do Once again Trump has put himself out beyond the ability to deliver" Write to Charlie Campbell at [email protected] piano on which Ilsa famously asked Sam to play “As Time Goes By” in Casablanca was sold at a New York auction on Monday for $34 million A miniature instrument and golden yellow in color the piano is hard to recognize as an iconic prop from the 1942 blockbuster which featured Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa Humphrey Bogart as Rick and prominent African-American jazz drummer and band leader Dooley Wilson as barroom pianist Sam (Remarkably since posterity remembers him as a pianist Wilson did not actually play the piano but had the keyboard tinkling for Casablanca overdubbed) Despite the piano’s diminutive size it has 30 fewer keys than normal it didn’t fail to upstage the other movie memorabilia on sale at Bonhams The Cowardly Lion costume from The Wizard of Oz came closest fetching $3077 million Catherine Williamson the director of entertainment memorabilia at Bonhams said that the Casablanca piano is such a significant piece because Humphrey Bogart hides the letters of transit his only possible escape from Morocco in the instrument "Fifteen minutes into the movie he tucks them in there" she told the New York Times "Theyre under there while Sam plays; theyre there for all of the activity that happens in the cafe The piano is there It represents the way out for them Thats what made it so important" The letters of transit were sold separately for $118750 Contact us at [email protected] Babatunde Oluajo, but after a long surgery it was successfully reattached. Supreme Court hearing in October.

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