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” House Republicans are still plotting out a strategy to raise the debt ceiling, small screen and silver screen, Calif. her son Bill Allen confirmed to the Associated Press She was 95 Meadows made her Broadway debut as Jayne Cotter in Spring Again a 1941 comedy led by the legendary producer and director Guthrie McClintic But her Broadway career didnt peak until 1958 with The Gazebo a whodunit set on Long Island in which she co-starred with Walter Slezak Her final appearance on Broadway was in a 1978 revival of the George S Kaufman and Moss Hart comedy Once In A Lifetime Meadows was nominated for three Emmys during her time on television for her roles on the series Meeting Of Minds St Elsewhere and High Society She appeared on several long-running TV series including Hawaii Five-O The Love Boat and Fantasy Island During her four years on PBS Meeting Of Minds she played historical figures like Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Marie Antoinette She also appeared on NBCs dramatic series Sisters with her own sister Audrey Meadows and was a longtime panelist on CBS Ive Got A Secret During her film career Meadows appeared alongside many a famous face with parts in Undercurrent with Katharine Hepburn David and Bathsheba with Gregory Peck Enchantment with David Niven and Song of the Thin Man with William Powell and Myrna Loy "She was not only an extraordinarily gifted actress who could move audiences from laughter to tears and back again all in one scene but she was the greatest storyteller I have ever known and I will miss her endlessly fascinating and frequently hilarious anecdotes about her life and the many brilliantly talented people she worked with and befriended along the way She was also the most loving mother and grandmother I could ever imagine seeing only the best in all her family members and giving us all confidence that we had value to offer the world and should take risks because we could do no wrong in her eyes ​She will be sorely missed and never forgotten" Bill Allen said in a statement to Variety Meadows was born in China to missionary parents She had lived in the San Fernando Valley since 1959 after moving there with her husband creator of the Tonight Show and original host Steve Allen This article originally appeared on EWcom Contact us at [email protected] Shane Parrish writes Farnam Street We all pretty much know that our mood is reflected in our body language When you think of somewhat lacking confidence or lacking enthusiasm a common mental image comes to mind and research has shown it to be about right: Hunching smallness droopiness etc This seems obviously and intuitively true Unsurprisingly our cousins in the animal kingdom are similar in their displays of body language In her book Presence Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy has an interesting section on the study of body language in animalswhich is in many ways much simpler to do because primates and snakes lacking the same theories of mind as humans dont really fake their body language When chimpanzees hold their breath until their chests bulge theyre signaling their rank in the hierarchy Male chimpanzees to show their status to a subordinate male expand by walking upright and even holding pieces of wood to extend the perceived length of their limbs The hair on their bodies also stands on end (a phenomenon known as piloerection) And male silverback gorillas do indeed beat their fists against their expanded chests to communicate strength and power when an unwelcome male is encroaching on their territory Primates also demonstrate their power by occupying spaces that are central high and particularly valuable making themselves visible and putting themselves physically above the others Our more distant animal relatives are even less restricted by social pressures When peacocks raise and spread their kaleidoscopic tail feathers theyre boldly displaying their dominance to potential mates; they dont hold backWhen a king cobra wants to show someone whos boss it has no second thoughts about rearing up the front part of the body inflating its hood and "growling" So were not alone: body language is a key indicator across the animal kingdom But the more interesting question is the inversion of that idea: Can we manipulate our minds by altering our body language Can we actually "fake it" til we "make it" Amy Cuddy seems to think so but she has something to add *** Cuddy gave her first TED talk in 2012 on body language and how it influences our interactions with others both how we act and how others perceive us It turned out to be a hit with over 30 million views to date The key idea in the speech was the "power pose" manipulating your own body language to make yourself feel more poised and confident Heres a key section of the speech: So this is what we did We decided to bring people into the lab and run a little experimentand these people adopted for two minutes either high-power poses or low-power posesand Im just going to show you five of the poses although they took on only two So heres one A couple more This one has been dubbed the "Wonder Woman" by the media Here are a couple more So you can be standing or you can be sitting And here are the low-power poses So youre folding up youre making yourself small This one is very low-power When youre touching your neck youre really protecting yourself So this is what happens They come in they spit into a vial for two minutes we say "You need to do this or this" They dont look at pictures of the poses We dont want to prime them with a concept of power We want them to be feeling power So two minutes they do this We then ask them "How powerful do you feel" on a series of items and then we give them an opportunity to gamble and then we take another saliva sample Thats it Thats the whole experiment So this is what we find Risk tolerance which is the gambling we find that when you are in the high-power pose condition 86 percent of you will gamble When youre in the low-power pose condition only 60 percent and thats a whopping significant difference Heres what we find on testosterone From their baseline when they come in high-power people experience about a 20-percent increase and low-power people experience about a 10-percent decrease So again two minutes and you get these changes Heres what you get on cortisol High-power people experience about a 25-percent decrease and the low-power people experience about a 15-percent increase So two minutes lead to these hormonal changes that configure your brain to basically be either assertive confident and comfortable or really stress-reactive and feeling sort of shut down And weve all had the feeling right So it seems that our nonverbals do govern how we think and feel about ourselves so its not just others but its also ourselves Also our bodies change our minds There are a few very interesting pieces in here Not only are the poses of confident body language having a significant chemical effect in the "posers" but its affecting their behavior in a significant way A higher propensity to gamble stemming from increased confidence Of course social science has already told us fairly clearly that the latter is true: Confidence does lead to a higher propensity to gamble If the gamble remains the same (the odds are generally not favorable towards the gambler) we might call any increase in confidence in the face of the same odds a propensity towards over-confidence (And of course confidence has a host of positiveeffects on decision making as well like less dithering) So changing body language can actually cause us to make more mistakes if were operating in the wrong realm; this is something we must stay on guard against Is this a situation where great confidence is warranted and desired *** Cuddys main point is that there real practical effects to manipulating our body language: We really can influence perception In one experiment some interviewees were directed to do "power posing" before an interview whereas others we not Upon seeing the videos of both a group of third-party observers unaware that one group had been posing and another had not and in fact had no idea the aims of the study wanted to hire the high-power posers: [The observers are] blind to the hypothesis Theyre blind to the conditions They have no idea whos been posing in what pose and they end up looking at these sets of tapes and they say "We want to hire these people" all the high-power posers "We dont want to hire these people [The non-posers] We also evaluate these people much more positively overall" But whats driving it Its not about the content of the speech Its about the presence that theyre bringing to the speech In her book Cuddy says this is not because were fooling them into believing were more confident than we really are Its because were fooling ourselves out of our own lack of self-confidence What the interviewer sees is real Inauthenticity is too noticeable; it usually backfires What do we know so far Presence stems from believing our own stories When we dont believe our own stories we are inauthentic we are deceiving in a way both ourselves and others And this self-deception is it turns out observable to others as our confidence wanes and our verbal and non-verbal behaviors become dissonant Cuddy concludes her book by bringing in a theory of "Self-nudging" manipulating our own body language to get ourselves in the right frame of mind where we can be authentically present and comfortable in our skin So can we "fake it til we make it" Sure but go one step further "Dont fake it til you make it Fake it til you become it" Thats what this is about incrementally nudging yourself to become the best version of yourself Being present during these challenging moments Its not about fooling other people to get the things you desire then having to continue with the charade Its about fooling yourself just a bit until you feel more powerful more present and its about keeping up the practice even if it takes time to get there This piece originally appeared on Farnam Street Join over 60000 readers and get a free weekly update via email here Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsNew Delhi: Indian Olympic Association (IOA) president Narendra Batra feels Sports Ministry should allow the parents of star shuttlers PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal to accompany them to the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast Australia "I don’t know why the sports ministry is not agreeing to clear the parents of Sindhu and Saina to accompany them at the CWG The government is not going to bear their expenses" Batra said "These shuttlers are our big sporting stars now and we should be supporting them If a Virat Kohli or a Sachin Tendulkar had wanted to do the same as Sindhu and Saina are requesting now will they (ministry) say no to them also" asked Batra at the sidelines of the sending-off ceremony of India’s CWG contingent File image of PV Sindhu with her mother Image credit: Official Facebook page of PV Sindhu Reports emerged today that Saina’s father Harvir Singh and Sindhu’s mother Vijaya Pursala were going to Gold Coast on government expense after their name figured in the IOA list of officials However a letter written by Badminton Association of India (BAI) to IOA a copy of which is with PTI doesn’t mention their names anywhere BAI today said it is unfair to imply that parents of Saina and Sindhu are going to Commonwealth Games as part of the Indian contingent "It is absolutely false report There is no truth in it and I think it is unfair on these two shuttlers who bring laurels to the country" BAI secretary Anup Narang told PTI When Sindhu’s father PV Ramana was contacted he said: "I have travelled with Sindhu to many tournaments and always with my own money This time also we had requested BAI to allow Vijaya to travel on own money So it hurts to know that some people are spreading these false news" Saina’s father Singh was clueless about the development and said he has never taken any undue advantage of his position and all his expenses are borne by his daughter "I’m going on my own I know a professor at Gold Coast So I will go to watch the Games as a spectator and I am not part of the contingent Even when I went to Rio Games I stayed in rented accommodation So I don’t know from where these reports are coming It is unfortunate" Harvir said London Olympics bronze medallist Saina and Rio Games silver winner Sindhu are prime candidates to win the coveted gold at the Commonwealth Games Valletta (Malta): A rescue boat stranded for nearly a week in the Mediterranean with over 200 migrants docked in Malta on Thursday after a deal was struck between a group of EU states to take them in Lifeline a vessel for the German charity Mission Lifeline had been waiting for permission to enter a port for six days after rescuing 234 migrants off the coast of Libya last Thursday After finally docking in the port of Valletta the captain of the ship was taken to the Maltese police headquarters for questioning the government said in a statement Maltese prime minister Joseph Muscat earlier warned that after the migrants had disembarked the Lifeline ship would be impounded in order to carry out an investigation into its legal status and actions on the night of the rescue Ship carrying 200 migrants arrives at Malta after staying adrift for a week AP Mission Lifeline has come under fire from EU leaders who accuse it of contravening international law by rescuing the migrants when the Libyan coastguard was already intervening But shortly after its arrival in Valletta the charity remained defiant tweeting: "Finally Lifeline arrived in the port Donate now for our next rescue missions" Extensive security measures were in place as the ship came in A spokeswoman for the prime minister at the scene said three mothers and their babies had been taken to hospital Muscat said the migrants would be processed and "genuine asylum-seekers will be afforded protection" while "procedures will be started immediately to return those that do not qualify in accordance with the law" But he insisted that the arrival was "unique" and could not be considered a blueprint for handling future rescues The vessel’s fate had been hanging in the balance as bloc members remained at loggerheads over how to handle the influx of people trying to reach the continent The boat refused by Italy was allowed to dock only after Malta Italy Luxembourg the Netherlands Portugal Ireland Belgium and France agreed to welcome some of the migrants Belgium and Luxembourg said they would each take 15 of the Lifeline migrants The Netherlands will take 20 while Portugal announced it would accept around a tenth of those on board campaign against human trafficking was a collective responsibility that should involve all religions and tribes. When people violate the law and there is no sanction, In total, Prior to defending Abdeslam, Representational image.New Delhi: