Courtois and the penalties against Atleti: “I tried to be scary”

first_imgThibaut Courtois was the guest of this Monday in the Real Madrid Conecta program of Real Madrid Televisión. The goalkeeper reviewed his career, talked about his goals with the white team, praised Zidane, analyzed the titles he has achieved in white, revealed his rituals, confessed his hobbies …His dream is to play in Madrid: “It’s amazing. At the most I could dream of being a starter in the Genk and being there for many years. When I get to Valdebebas I say:‘ Look, I’m here. “I keep training hard. It’s a dream.”How do you feel in this 2020: “Very well. We have many victories and many goals to zero. The match in Getafe was very good, I made several stops in the first half and won 0-3. We went with confidence to the Super Cup, we won and we continue in that line.”The best goalkeeper in the world: “It is not easy for me to say that I am the best. There are many good goalkeepers. I am struggling to help the team win. When you help your teammates win, they will call you that. I have to work day by day because I can improve . The important thing is to help the team. “It started from left side. How did you become a goalkeeper ?: “Because of my relationship with volleyball. With my parents I went to the games, to beach volleyball … We had a field at home to practice. I loved to throw myself. With 7 or 8 years, in Belgium there are no goalkeepers, they rotate. A day, the coach asked me if I wanted to be a goalkeeper in a tournament, I said yes. The Genk saw me as a goalkeeper rather than as a side. “Passion for Madrid: “Seeing Casillas play one of his first games, also as a child … Seeing how he does it well you start to look at Iker, in Madrid … And my mother, who is a physio, had a patient who was going to Madrid to see two or three games a year and he brought me flags, Iker shirts. From there I always followed him and I dreamed that one day I would end here. “Boxes: “At that time it was an example. No matter how old you are. Then I have been looking at other goalkeepers because Iker is shorter than me. I also looked at Van der Sar. When in 2011 I could face Iker it was amazing “.Debut with the Genk: “At the beginning of the season I was in the subsidiary, there were two or three goalkeepers in the first team. I sometimes trained with them. At Christmas two goalkeepers left, they brought in a second … The headline injured his finger, the second goalkeeper my ankle is broken and I was able to debut with 16 years in an important game. “How do you decide to leave Belgium? “There, I thought I was quite an adult. These are things you feel. Both Chelsea and Genk, like much of my surroundings, wanted me to stay another year in Genk. At that moment, Atleti loved me. I saw that I had to grow because in pre-season it was no longer the same, I needed a push to discover my limits and grow. “Eden Hazard: “Eden is someone very funny, always with a smile, he always wants to play. I get along very well with him. Before Chelsea I already knew him from the national team. We are good friends. He is a great player. I hope he comes back soon and he can help win more games. “How did you live your presentation with Madrid? “It was something incredible. You only enjoy a few days later, when you are training. The presentation was very beautiful. It is a dream that you fulfill. I had been wishing for time and we were very happy.”Titles: “Obviously I want to win everything and that we try to do. In the end last year was not the best and that is why this year we are all fighting to win all possible trophies. We have already won the first one, in Copa we want to advance, in February the Champions … With great enthusiasm. “Club World Cup: “It’s special because to play the Mundialito you have to win the Champions League. It’s something I have pending with this club. The first trophy is always special. “Spain Supercup: “You have to be focused on wanting to win the game, knowing what we are doing. Madrid has always done that, in the qualifiers and finals, being there to win. It’s what we did, we are prepared to win and that was seen” .Psychological preparation in some penalties: “I went to the match against Atleti not thinking about being the hero but I felt very good after the game. Ramos or Isco gave me courage. You go with confidence and as I measure two meters I tried to grow up and scare the opponent. That could be It is also important that we do not fail on penalties. “ Mestalla header: “Against Girona at home last year I also went up but left. In Mestalla I knew it was the last play. If it happens three minutes before, I don’t go up. I looked at the goalkeeper coach and he said yes, to go up. The goalkeepers. we have a great timing when reading the plays. I almost scored. In the end Benzema did it. It was a rush for the whole team. “Roberto Vázquez, the goalkeeper coach: “We have a very good relationship with all the goalkeepers, there is a very good atmosphere. When we have to work we do it hard and very well. It shows in the level we are giving the goalkeepers.”Zidane: “It’s something special. As a child I have seen him play. For many players my age he is a reference and having him as a coach is something beautiful. And eager to win by his side.”The least scoring goalkeeper of the five major leagues: “I did not know. I was more aware of here, stopping everything I can. Not only does the goalkeeper count on that, we are eleven. And if we defend the eleven well we will fit few goals. When they ever arrive, I try to stop them. It is important, like yesterday. If we keep the goal to zero a goal is important to win. “19 unbeaten games in a row: “In those games I am sure that there are 11 or 12 with the goal to zero. There are games that we could have won, but if you keep that concentration behind it is difficult to score goals. Concentration and intensity, is what you are demonstrating.”He has received criticism: “I have always been strong mentally. If not, you can not stand the pressure, you know where you come from and here every game is important. Criticisms have to know how to handle them, know who they come from and where they come from. It only matters what the Mr. Roberto, colleagues … I don’t work differently than five months ago. The key is not to lose confidence in yourself. If you don’t trust yourself, forget. You have to be confident. “Who do you talk to most in the field? “The closest relationship is with the defense and Casemiro. We talk a lot and communication is important.”Rituals: “When we start a game I go to both sticks, I touch it with my foot and give it to the crossbar. Then I tie and untie my gloves a lot. It’s a hobby and I get out alone.”When you don’t train, what do you do? “When I have children I spend a lot of time with them. At home I like to watch movies, I play Play, I like Formula 1, I have an armchair with a steering wheel to play, watch the NBA … Then try to eat well and healthy to be fit. It’s day to day. “Kobe Bryant’s death: “I came back from the warm-up and the changes sometimes don’t come out to warm up. Lucas told me and I didn’t believe it. He told me it wasn’t a joke, it was serious. I started watching basketball with the Lakers of Shaquille and Kobe Bryant. He is someone who believed a lot in himself, did not want to give up a minute to enjoy what he loves, everyone loves Mamba Mentality. Everyone will remember his legend and live his values. “What is the best advice from your parents? “Keep your feet on the ground. Have respect, humility and work. And never lower your arms.”Psychological preparation: “In the end each person can have a mistake, the important thing is not to stay on that bad day and think that tomorrow will be another day. Knowing that it will always end well. If you work and do things well, it will come. A positive mind it will always attract good things. The negative mind does not bring anything good. “He has grown in Madrid. “I have grown a lot as a person. Last year was not easy and if you can not with that pressure this year could not be at this level. I’m proud. I have been strong mentally and I continue to grow as a person. Just with 20 years you take everything else to heart, now you know where to focus. “How to receive young players: “You greet them, you introduce yourself… You want to help everyone. Luka Jovic does not speak Spanish yet, much with him is in English. Sometimes you try to explain one thing, help him … He also has Modric, who speaks his language. It is being with them, supporting them. We want to see them succeed. “The Madrid shirt: “You can never loosen up. When you wear this shirt you know the pressure there is. That’s why the players here are able to wear it perfectly. And that’s why he has won so many trophies.”How would you like to be remembered: “As a great goalkeeper and great person. And having been important in Madrid and in the teams I’ve been to.”What would you like to get: “We want to win everything, but the Champions League is a big dream at club level. With the national team we were close to the World Cup, now comes the European. Hopefully we can win it. All dreams can come true.”last_img