Bodymechanics Fitness is Gearing Up

first_imgFacebook46Tweet0Pin0 Submitted by Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & MassageBodymechanics Trainers from left to right: Frank Swenson, Kevin Short and Mark ClaryBodymechanics Fit Body Boot Camp is turning up the heat to start 2014 off on the right foot for many people in our community.   This is the time of year when many people start on the road to fitness with New Year Resolutions – starting out strong and typically dropping out of gyms and failing to meet their health and fitness resolutions.Sadly, we often get members who join our facility with memberships in other facilities, but who have not stepped foot in the door for months on end and who are still paying for a membership.Often times we hear that they felt they were just a number – not greeted when they walked in the door and felt uncomfortable using equipment and intimidated by others in the gym.Our goal at Olympia’s Fit Body Boot Camp is designed to engage members and create a family environment that is safe, fun and offering a non-intimidating atmosphere for members.Workouts are designed and led by experienced personal trainers in a manner that is created to be fun while challenging members and maximizing fat loss in less time.Mark Clary, Certified Diagnostic Health & Fitness Technician, ACSM CPT, CES and Licensed Massage Practitioner works daily with members and sees them excelling past the standard gym rat.  He thrives off the energy of group training and enjoys the laughter while seeing major accomplishments gained.Mark shares his favorite success story of the member who wanted to ski again, but couldn’t even trot – who is now skiing regularly.  He speaks of the joy he gets as a trainer when he is able to give life back to somebody who couldn’t imagine a time when they could move again without pain.A major difference to our programs is that we are able to incorporate everything in our facility – and each activity is modified to meet the fitness goals and individual fitness levels of each member.  Olympia Fit Body Boot Camp incorporates agility training, high intensity interval training, cross training, weight lifting and body weight training.Member Beth Vandehey says that she really loves the different workouts everyday.  They are tough to complete but she gets a tremendous sense of accomplishment when she completes a workout.  Beth feels that the motivation she receives from trainer Mark encourages her to complete a workout – especially when she feels that she can’t do it initially.  “Mark is a great trainer, very motivating and encouraging everyday.”  The satisfaction of completing a tough workout has kept Beth coming for 16 months.Owner Shari Aldrich enjoys training boot camp classes with the morning group and notices members enjoying life more – going on hikes, bike rides and running races.  Sedentary lifestyles change, and members make plans to do activities with each other outside of boot camp classes, which speaks to the family atmosphere created in class.  Shari notices the fun that members have engaging and encouraging each other on the group Facebook page.One of the newest programs offered at the Bodymechanics Boot Camp is working with high-school age kids (and some middle school age kids) looking for a competitive edge in school athletics.  Olympic Weight Lifting and SPARQ training classes are offered with Kevin Short, PT, and facilitates increases in strength and speed for these kids.Kevin says that it is very satisfying as a coach in helping kids reach goals that they set – even something like footwork that they have tried over and over to complete.Olympia Fit Body Boot Camp is nestled in with Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage and the Integrative Health Clinic.  There is a synergy in the environment, where boot camp members have the opportunity to receive one free student massage a month through the massage school; and can seek out professional care in the professional clinic with massage therapy, chiropractic care and nutritional therapy.Classes offered at Bodymechanics Boot Camp include:With a wide variety of classes offered, there’s something for every fitness level.Advanced Cross Training – a unique blend of plyometric and isometric exercises, which include cross training techniques and gymnastics functional movements.  ACT is a group class, but higher intensity than regular boot camp classes.Boot Camp – High energy, fun and effective boot camp classes designed for those getting into fitness and those who are looking to increase their fitness level.  Members can count on losing weight, fat and inches while gaining in fitness, strength and endurance utilizing our dynamic exercises with body weight, suspension trainers, medicine balls, dumb bells and kettle bells.Fundamental Movements of Boot Camp – This class is designed to teach proper form for moves such as squats, push-ups, etc.Sunday Running Club – This class is for those who are interested in improving their running or walking skills.  Routes are planned ahead of time and are led by a former college level cross-country coach.Olympic Weight Lifting – OWL tests aspects of human ballistic limits (explosive strength) and is therefore executed faster – and with more mobility and a greater range of motion during their execution – than other lifts.  Some exercises include:  back squat, front squat, over-head squat, clean and push press.For more information on any of our programs, including schedules, please give us a call at (360) 350-0015.last_img