South Sound Ductless Answers Questions About Ductless Heat Pumps

first_imgFacebook2Tweet0Pin0 Submitted by South Sound DuctlessWhat exactly is a ductless heat pump and how does it work?This is a question we often get at South Sound Ductless.  People have seen our name or heard about the big rebates from their utility company and wonder how these things could work to heat and cool with no ductwork.  They want to know the “catch”.  Well, there isn’t one!Ductless heating and cooling systems, sometimes called “mini-splits”, work in much the same way as a traditional centrally ducted heat pump or air conditioner, but there are some distinct advantages over those traditional systems.First, there is no large furnace or fan coil to take up valuable floor space and the fan motor is smaller and thus quieter.  Also, there are no air ducts, so less heat is lost, and installation is much easier, quicker, and costs about half the price as installing a ducted system.  Instead of ducts, the outdoor and indoor units are connected by a small refrigerant line about three inches in diameter.A condensing unit is located outside the home. This contains the compressor which circulates the refrigerant to produce the cooling effect. There are several types of compressors but the latest innovation is inverter technology which allows the compressor to operate at an almost unlimited number of speeds. The units normally start at full speed when there is the need for heating or cooling.  After the set point is reached, the speed is reduced to pump just enough refrigerant to match the requirements of the home. This means energy savings as well as longer cycles which then provide more cleaning/filtering of the home’s air and more even temperature distribution.A fan coil can be mounted on the wall or ceiling of the room to be conditioned. This is the indoor unit, also sometimes called the “head”.  The head contains an evaporator coil, fan, and filtering system along with the control components.  Some of these units include advanced filtering systems such as carbon activated filters, electrostatic filters, or anti-bacterial filters and many units include more than one filter technology.  Many heads also include a very small motor to move louvers up and down and/or back and forth which enhances air circulation throughout the room.The system is usually controlled through a remote which you can use to set the temperature, change the modes of operation, and set timers.   Some units include a temperature sensor in the remote. Sensing the room temperature at the remote instead of high on the wall can allow for better comfort in your home.Many units include advanced modes of operation. Turbo mode or quick cool mode runs the fan and compressor on highest speeds to provide the most cooling in the shortest amount of time.   Dehumidify or dry mode operates the fan at lower speeds to increase the amount of moisture removed from the air.  Sleep mode can allow for energy savings without noticeable changes in comfort level.  A fresh air option allows a small duct to be connected and bring in air from the outside.Ductless heating and cooling systems can also be connected to more than one indoor fan coil unit. These configurations are called “multi-splits” and can help you to save money when more than one unit is required due to the size or unique configuration of your home or business.  These heads can be operated independently of one another and set at different temperatures to accommodate different needs.Ductless heat pumps are great for replacing older systems, whether ducted or not.  They work well in new construction, remodeling and additions.  And the energy savings is so great that significant cash rebates and tax credits are available for most.This article was authored by Marcie Meisenheimer of South Sound Ductless.  South Sound Ductless is a locally owned and operated heating and cooling system company.  Ductless heat pumps are all we do because we believe in the technology.  To learn more about ductless heat pumps and how you can save money and get big rebates contact South Sound  360.529.7567last_img