first_img:10 Plain and simple, when Jerome Simpson—JUMPED…NO, LET ME CORRECT THAT—Flew over the Arizona Cardinals to score a touchdown, it was not only the play of the year, it might mark it as the play of the decade! Got a better one? You know the drill, write me and I’ll showcase you. (“Overtime”—Champion Enterprises, 416 Springdale Dr., Suite 33, Pgh., PA 15235). :09 What they’re doing to Hines Ward as the old folks would say…“It’s a sin and a shame!!!” First of all there’s no way a world class athlete goes from great in the Super Bowl last year to a bum this year. I ain’t buying it! He should still be the starter and he should already have his 1,000 catches. It should not come down to the wire like it is. And I know for a fact no receiver on this team hits like Hines. C’mon man!!:08 On that note, I told you before and I’ll tell you again if they let Franco Harris go, they’ll let anybody go. Watch your back mmmmaaaannn!!!:07 I’ll say it now before Fred Crawford says it. My Lakers are in trouble. Yea I know they took the Bulls to the wire but I don’t see enough fire power to get the NBA championship. But I am still on the Laker bus and I’ll be there till it’s over.:06 But I am stickin’ to my game plan … the Heat will not repeat. Say it loud, THE HEAT WILL NOT REPEAT!! (I hope):05 For all you Do-Gooders that thought …or hoped that they would burn down the Penn State campus, I told ya, I told ya, I told ya…in another six months nobody but the families of the abused children will care what happened. And come September 2012 “Happy Valley” will be happy again. And they will put 120,000 people in the seats again.:04 Just a basketball flashback for ya, just to keep you on point. Don’t get it twisted, I know I gave you the all-time greats but here’s some boys that will give you all you can handle and should never be forgotten. (You guessed it —the Top 10 List is coming at ya…Hhhheeerrreee we go…•Top 10 Players You Really Don’t Want to Mess With*1. Jeff “Junk Head” Burden 2. Mike “I’ll Fight” Gusby 3. Tim Tyler 4. Kevin Price Sr. 5. Heath Bailey 6. Ronnie McCrae 7. “Shanghi” Matthews 8. David “Dr. Death” Trent 9. Kevin “Dr K.” Walls 10. Cleveland “Shan” Bibbons:03 Review Time—saw a special screening of Mission Impossible and it’s a four basketball hit. Go see it, Tom Cruise is the man.:02 Glad Green Bay lost. Nuff said! Just don’t lie—um!:01 So you say you haven’t been to the Savoy yet. Shame on ya! And you’re the only one in town that has not gone yet. Well fix that and fix it now…get there for the New Year. It’s the best show in town, bar none. Now shut up and stop with the excuses!“DOUBLE OVERTIME”:00 Here-Ye…Here-Ye now here this, now here this. Former two time Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Champion Robin Cole is now a motivational and inspirational speaker and is available to speak at your event. If you want a World Champion and a great guy to speak at your event, call me at The Champions Office, we’ll hook you up.:01 Get ready to get ready…the New First Friday is back for the New Year. Friday—Jan 6. at The Club Monroeville from 8 p.m.-2 a.m. starring the legendary Flow Band…“That’s Reggae Music Mun” —$10 Donation will Benefit The Kenny Durrett Memorial High School All-Starr Basketball Classic in April—Special Guest—The Force Women’s Professional Football Team—D.J. MeanGee is in the house with the jams and “We’re gonna Par-Tay all nite long yea- mun!!!”“TRIPLE OVERTIME”.00 Yo! Hold Up…wait a minute…Let’s go back to the movie. Paula Patton is worth the price of admission—10 times over. Man she’s fine! As a matter of fact she just replaced Halle Berry as No. 1 on the Finest Women in the World List. THAT’S RIGHT I SAID IT. And you can run tell Ms. Berry I said so. (I told her when she walked out on me I’d get even someday!!!) And by the way what ever Robin Thicke is working with…you go man! (That’s Paula’s husband for you Gateway people that don’t keep up)~ Now This Game Is Over ~ BILL NEALlast_img