A generation skewed by internet pornography

first_imgThe Telegraph (UK) 1 June 2012A generation of youngsters may be developing a skewed view of sex from pornography, a court has heard, after a 12-year-old schoolboy raped and sexually assaulted a younger girl after copying a hardcore film he watched on the internet. The case was just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and said there may be many similar   cases throughout the country, lawyers warned. The High Court in Edinburgh heard the boy, now aged 14, was allowed   “unfettered” access to adult websites before forcing a nine-year-old to   perform a sex act on him. Sean Templeton, the boy’s defence counsel, said the case could be “the tip of   the iceberg” because pornography is giving a generation of youngsters a   “skewed view” of sex.…The appalling details of the case emerged amid growing political debate as to whether the Government should force internet providers to adopt an “opt-in” system. This means parents would have to remove a default block on watching pornography on their home computers, thereby preventing their offspring accessing adult images.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/9303598/A-generation-is-growing-up-skewed-by-internet-pornography-court-hears-as-12-year-old-who-raped-a-schoolgirl-is-spared-jail.htmllast_img