Istrian Svetvincenat became the first place in the world with the application of virtual reality in sightseeing

first_imgThe combination of modern technology, tourism and historical heritage in the Istrian town of Svetvincenat proved to be a winning combination. This little picturesque place became the first in the world with the use of mixed reality glasses in walking and sightseeing.Namely, it is a phenomenal project and quality content, the House of the Witch Mare, which has become a center for visitors dedicated to the diverse tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Svetvincenat. By adapting and equipping the former registry office owned by the Municipality, a Visitor Center was created dedicated to the diverse tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Svetvinčenat, which is interpreted by modern technologies of 3D mapping, virtual and augmented reality, which are part of a new and innovative concept of tourist destination.The legend, ie the story goes like this… Mare Radolovich, today known as the Witch Mare, was a local herbalist and doctor. In 1632, her neighbors and fellow citizens accused the unfortunate woman of a pact with the devil and sentenced her to death. It didn’t help that Mare had been treating her executioners for their illnesses until yesterday and helping them solve their problems. As was the custom at the time, the witch was executed at a bonfire in the courtyard of the local Kastel. The real question to ask is this: Did Mare really end up that night, or did she survive after all? And to answer, you still have to visit Svetvincenat, ie the new Visitor Center “House of the Witch Mare”.The project was also recognized by the profession and the SoMo Borac award was given to its authors – the Rovinj visual communications studio Tumpić / Prenc and the Zagreb company Delta Reality. At the recent Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj, they were awarded in the SoMo Tech category for the best application of technology. It is the most prestigious regional award for digital works judged by a jury composed of creatives from the best agencies in the region.Agile and open to original projects, the Municipality of Svetvinčenat has decided to present its heritage to tourists with the help of virtual and augmented reality. The whole story begins at the Mare’s Witch House Visitor Center, designed by Studio Tumpić / Prenc. The character of the historical figure Mara Radolović, a herbalist who was executed in torment in the 17th century after being unjustly accused of being a witch, was used to welcome the guests. With the help of 3D mapping, Mare addresses the guests and instructs them to use virtual glasses for the game of archery.Visitors then go for a walk around Svetvincenat and, with the help of Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality glasses, get to know the heritage in an interesting and original way – through a combination of education and games. Along with the story of local landmarks, looking through glasses, they meet medieval characters and through the game collect the equipment of an unknown horseman, a character from an ancient legend.The author of the whole concept, Anselmo Tumpić, is satisfied with the success of his small studio. “This is proof that even in smaller communities, trends can be set for innovative projects and that the effort is definitely worth it. We founded the studio only two years ago after many years of working in large foreign and domestic agencies. This kind of birthday present would not be possible without a great cooperation with the Municipality of Svetvinčenat, which gave free rein in realization. We are glad that we worked on this cultural and tourist project for the local community and thus contributed to increasing the number of guests in a small municipality in Istria. ” emphasizes the creative director of Studio Tumpić / Prenc.Photo: TZ SvetvinčenatDelta Reality, an innovative Zagreb studio with increasing success abroad, is responsible for the application of virtual and augmented reality. “With this, Svetvincenat became the first tourist destination a place in the world with such an offer, which could become the standard in the future. We are extremely proud of this project and we are glad that the profession has recognized the technical innovation”Points out Darian Škarica, CEO of Delta Reality, whose client list is impressive. Among them are Disney, Microsoft, Siemens and Samsung.Good cooperation between Delta Reality, Studio Tumpić / Prenc and Svetvinčenat has resulted in an award that arouses great interest in the region, and is becoming more and more important every year due to stronger competition and a large number of applications. “It is all the more important to be among the three finalists, and when you receive the award in front of the projects of companies with significantly larger budgets, it is a really great success.”Says Sara Prenc Opačić, director of client relations at the Rovinj studio. You can’t, we don’t have money, we are far from everyone, we don’t have people, we are small, etc.… IT IS POSSIBLEIt is also a success for Croatia, in which a pioneering venture in the world was achieved in this way. Also, this is a great example of how those who are proactive, those who want development and who are focused on market development, no matter how “small”, grow and develop.last_img