The continuation of the construction of the Vučedol Archaeological Park begins

first_imgThree years ago, an impressive Museum of Vučedol Culture was opened, which tells the story of the foundations of European civilization, and which has been visited by over 190.000 visitors from all over the world.This attractive location was first inhabited around 6000 BC. Kr. at the time of the first European farmers, and lived more or less intensively throughout prehistory. The time between 3350 and 2300 BC. Kr. it is the most intense period of its existence and in that period it is certainly the most important European center and the cradle of European civilization.Since the opening of the Vučedol Museum, it has been announced that the construction of the entire Vučedol Archaeological Park project will continue, according to the original project, but as financial resources and unresolved property and legal relations were not provided, conditions for the day’s development of the Archaeological Park were created only today. Less than a month ago, an Agreement on the implementation of the entire project of the Vučedol Archaeological Park was signed with the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds and the Central Agency for Financing and Contracting of EU Programs and Projects, with a total value of HRK 117.229.998,51, of which HRK 99.704.988,73 grant through the European Fund for Reconstruction and Development.The goal of the project “Archaeological Park Vučedol” is to significantly contribute to the economic revitalization and development of the city of Vukovar, Vukovar-Srijem County by building and arranging the Archaeological Park through the improvement of cultural, tourist, communal infrastructure, tourism promotion, entrepreneurship and rural development, using new technologies and creative ideas in the education, presentation and promotion of unique culture and historical heritage in the park.In the Archaeological Park, there will be a planetarium, info desk, picnic area, Vučedol farm with animals from the time of Vučedol culture, educational trails, excursion zone, lookout, old craft workshops, pier for tourist boats and accommodation facilities of 24 bungalows.The entire project of the Archaeological Park should come to life at full capacity by 2022, which will greatly enrich the tourist and cultural offer of Vukovar and Croatia. By the way, from the first research in 1938 until today, only about 15 percent of the Vučedol site has been explored, so the treasures and secrets hidden in Vučedol will only be revealed in the future, but I hope at a much faster pace.last_img