Finally comes a new era of amusement parks that are different and modern

first_imgNot every city, especially those on the sea, can have an amusement park like the first Croatian theme amusement park for children and adults Fun Park Mirnovec in Biograd na Moru, which opened this year, but in Vodice, Zadar and Bibinje they realized how the tourist offer of their places can be expanded with an amusement park for children.This logic was followed by Vedran Jukić from Vinkovci, who set up and opened amusement parks in these three places with the consent of the local self-government, which attract many visitors every day. ”There has been an amusement park in Vodice for 6 or 7 years, in Zadar for 4, and in Bibinje for two years, and this has greatly improved and enriched the tourist offer of these places. Amusement park Jukić is a unique amusement park in our area. I believe that it is in the interest of every city to enrich the offer of its facilities and amusement parks for children. All the equipment in our amusement park is top notch and it is no longer even like those amusement parks we used to see in our cities. We offer a carousel, mini ferris wheel (large wheel that lifts visitors high), children’s train, adrenaline park, mini cars, free fall, pirate boat, slides and inflatable playrooms, children’s trains, adrenaline parks, trampolines, bungee trampolines, dragon, cars and more ” says Vedran Jukić owner Amusement park Jukić.”We are the only ones in Croatia to have a Baroque carousel, which is extremely attractive to us for Advent, but also in summer events. Attendance is satisfactory and foreign and domestic tourists and even locals come to us. Tourists are thrilled because they have a place to leave their children and know they are safe while they relax and drink coffee”, Points out Jukić, adding that all equipment must be correct and tidy and they pay special attention to that. “My safety comes first, I go through the whole safety list a hundred times every day, because if there is any omission on our part, I can close the company immediatelySays Jukić.At first glance, when we say “amusement park”, we immediately see a film of those old amusement parks that do not instill much security and that have been there for decades. Such amusement parks do more harm than good because, on the contrary, they ruin the reputation of a tourist destination. But times are changing, and so are amusement parks that are more modern and thus serve their purpose – and that is a quality additional content of a tourist destination.”We are the only ones in Croatia to have a Baroque carousel, which is extremely attractive for us for Advent, but also in summer events” – Vedran JukićFor now, the local self-government is not generous about issuing consents and permits, says Jukić, and the reason is the poor perception of old amusement parks, which is good because they care about the quality of their content, while on the other hand the biggest challenge is to change the bad perception. “There are amusement parks in several places on our coast, ours differs in the variety of offers and newer attractions that we have introduced. We pay special attention to landscaping. I have an idea to offer campsites and hotel houses setting up an amusement park for their guests. I plan to open a few more amusement parks in places where I manage to get a permit because I have enough equipment. My desire, and I plan to do so, is to create a brand of amusement parks that will be recognizable by their appearance, quality of equipment and safety. For now, I am satisfied, although the visit has not reached the level we expect in all places, but I believe that everything I do has a perspective”, Concludes Vedran Jukić.On small projects like these tourist destinations can stand out with their offer and attractiveness to visitors. Those who have children know how impossible it is to walk past an amusement park and not stay in it. But at the same time, parents in this way during the evening find satisfactory content for their little ones who are willing to pay and maybe next year they will choose the destination according to such content that they want to consume on vacation.If we are developing a tourist destination as a destination for families with children, then the focus is certainly on content that is primarily intended for children, because children are the first focus of parents. From animation for children, amusement parks, children’s playgrounds, events and creative workshops, bicycles for rent with added seats, arranging promenades by the sea with a fence to the entire infrastructure such as setting fences along the promenades if they are elevated so that children do not fall on the rocks or sea etc…To conclude, content, content and only quality and diverse content. Why is this most important and why is the main focus on the content? That is why the motive for coming is not accommodation, but the offer and content of the tourist destination.last_img