Board to reconsider JNC policy/ election process

first_imgA special committee may soon be appointed to examine the way The Florida Bar picks its presidents.Bar President Terry Russell said he and President-elect Tod Aronovitz have discussed that matter, and he will defer to Aronovitz, who has indicated he wants to study that issue.Russell was responding to a request from Board of Governors member Louis Kwall at the board’s recent meeting. Kwall asked for Russell and Aronovitz to appoint a three-to-five-member committee to consider presidential elections, including geographical issues.He noted there used to be a perception that most Bar presidents came from Jacksonville, while in recent years that perception has changed to being from South Florida. (The Bar is in a stretch where, including Aronovitz and President-elect Designate Miles McGrane, five presidents in a row will come from South Florida.)“This is a subject that we need to carefully consider, not so much because of geography, but because of the sheer magnitude of this job,” Russell said. March 1, 2002 Regular News Board to reconsider JNC policy/ election process The Bar Board of Governors is set to reconsider a policy that prevents partners and associates from applying to serve on judicial nominating commissions.Board member Kelly Overstreet Johnson made a motion at the board’s Tampa meeting to reconsider the policy at the upcoming March 15 meeting in Tallahassee.Johnson said now that the board makes no direct appointments to the commissions and only makes recommendations to the governor for four of the nine seats on each JNC, it was time to revisit the policy. She said it can restrict the pool of applicants in two ways. One is if a board member is from a large law firm, no one from that firm can apply. And in small circuits, Johnson said, a member from even a medium-size firm can significantly reduce the number of lawyers available for JNC service.She also noted that the board in May will make recommendations to the governor for two seats on each of the 26 JNCs, and needs 156 qualified applicants.Board member Cliff McClelland, a partner with Holland & Knight, the state’s largest firm, said the policy can keep partners and associates he doesn’t know or hasn’t met from applying, even when they work in offices hundreds of miles from his.The board approved Johnson’s motion on a voice vote.Board to review election process Board to reconsider JNC policylast_img