Woodbury College Holds Fall Graduation Ceremonies

first_imgWoodbury College Holds Fall Graduation CeremoniesAuthor, Civic Facilitator Susan Clark Delivers Graduation SpeechMontpelier, Vt.-On Saturday, September 10, 2005, Woodbury College held its2005 Graduation Ceremony at U-32 High School in Montpelier. A total of 46students received degrees and certificates in the fields of mediation andconflict management, paralegal and legal studies, prevention and communitydevelopment, and interdisciplinary studies.Noted Vermont author and civic facilitator Susan Clark delivered thisyear’s graduation speech, “WD 40 and Duct Tape: Rediscovering the Secretsof Community.” Clark described the sense of neighborliness and connection(symbolized by duct tape) that help Vermont’s diverse communities adheretogether. But she emphasized that even more important was Vermonters’tradition of tolerance and respect (symbolized by WD-40) that smooth ourinteractions and help our citizens work together through difficult times.Clark noted that through its programs in community development,facilitation. Law and mediation, Woodbury College is graduating communitymembers ideally equipped to strengthen communities – critical in today’stroubled world.”Woodbury College President Larry Mandell also spoke to the assembledgraduates and their families. Noting that this is Woodbury’s 30thanniversary, President Mandell also reminded graduates of the significanceof their accomplishment at Woodbury. “Sometimes when I’m talking with people, they tell me that they wish they had someone in their town who was a Woodbury graduate. What they are saying is that Woodbury grads have a strong sense of community, about caring about one another. As you return to your towns with new skills and knowledge, also bring with you your understanding of the importance of community. Your neighbors will appreciate it and your town will be better off because of it.”Woodbury College offers Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees aswell as Certificate Programs. For nearly 30 years Woodbury has beenhelping adults change their lives, and help their communities at the sametime. Woodbury is unique in its strong emphasis on practice-based highereducation for adults to ensure that graduates achieve both academicexcellence and actual experience in their fields. Woodbury offers achallenging but supportive learning environment for students to preparefor fulfilling new careers in mediation, human services, prevention,community development, paralegal, pre-law, advocacy, and conflictmanagement.-30-last_img