‘No Wake Zone’ Signs Popping Up in Ocean City — Far From the Bay

first_imgA property displays a new ‘No Wake Zone’ sign near the intersection of 32nd Street and Haven Avenue in Ocean City, NJ, where some road work is about to begin. A new set of “No Wake Zone” signs is starting to appear in Ocean City, and they’re being placed on front yards far from boats and the bay.Homeowners on flood-prone streets where houses are often splashed by the waves generated by passing vehicles are displaying the yard signs, which also read “Fix our flooding now.”The O.C. Flooding subcommittee of the community group Fairness in Taxes is distributing the signs and encouraging property owners to display them in time for the holiday weekend.The group is advocating for a comprehensive plan to quickly address all flooding and drainage problems in Ocean City.Although Ocean City regulates real estate signs and candidate signs (which can be displayed from 30 days before until five days after an election) and prohibits other signs, an ordinance that was amended in 2011 allows political signs to be displayed any time of the year.“Any matter of public interest” on a political sign is protected as free speech under the amended ordinance.The issue first arose in early 2011 when “Don’t Change Ocean City” lawn signs began to appear around Ocean City as petitioners gathered signatures calling for a public vote on allowing BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) restaurants in Ocean City.At the time, the ordinance prohibited homeowners from placing signs on their land or buildings unless they were real estate signs, identified a “use” on the property or were temporary political signs (then limited to the 35-day window around elections).Property owners can email [email protected] to request a sign.last_img