Infinity Blade is Epics most profitable game

first_imgWhen asked what’s Epic’s most profitable game is, you’d probably respond with Gears of War or Unreal Tournament. Both are sensible answers to give, but the truth may be a little surprising. Epic’s most profitable title is in fact Infinity Blade.In terms of man years versus revenue, the $5.99 iOS game works out more profitable than any other title Epic has developed. It’s not such a ridiculous notion if you think about it, though. The development time for an iPhone game is a lot shorter than making a serious console game such as Gears of War.Inifinity Blade is one of the best looking games on the App Store due to its use of the Unreal Engine. The App Store is also open to a huge audience, and more people own a smartphone or tablet than a current-gen console. Even so, at $5.99 the game has still done well to sell so many copies considering a lot of mobile titles are either free or 99c.Smartphones and tablets are improving at a very fast rate in terms of performance, and gaming is now something everyone is doing on the go, away from a PC or console. That leaves opportunities open for developers to expand their markets and existing IP. It’s a simular story for Facebook games, with developers such as Ubisoft creating spin-off games such as The Sims Social, House M.D Critical Cases and their newest edition, SimCity Social.In stating Infinity Blade is its most profitable game, Epic has made it clear you really can’t ignore mobile gaming if you want to make the most of your engine and IP while bolstering your yearly revenue. With tablets and smartphones continuing to grow in popularity, you can also understand why some are predicting the next round of console hardware could be the last.More at Gamasutralast_img read more

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