iPhone 5 wont be 4G according to Tim Cook

first_imgThe safest bet at the moment is that iPhone 5 will arrive before the end of the year. It looks very unlikely Apple will launch in the usual June/July timeframe and instead will deliver the new smartphone in September.While we can guess at what new features will be included with the next iPhone, one thing is now clear: the iPhone 5 will not be 4G capable.Apple’s Tim Cook has made that apparent during the company’s quarterly earnings call held on Wednesday. He has stated that the current generation of chipsets used to deliver Long Term Evolution (LTE) require a number of design compromises. Those compromises Apple is apparently not willing to accept as it would mess with the internals of the iPhone too much.We’re guessing it would mean a thicker device, or at least some other features not being possible without making the handset larger in some way. If you look at how the Thunderbolt achieves LTE, it uses a two-chip solution. What Apple desires is a single 3G/4G chip.With that in mind, it becomes clear that the Apple iPhone 5 won’t be 4G as that single chip solution isn’t going to appear from a company like Qualcomm or Intel until very late this year or possibly even early next year in large enough quantities.All this assumes iPhone 5 is being released in 2011. Could Apple potentially delay the launch in order to incorporate that single-chip solution and deliver a 4G iPhone?Read more at Forbes, via Cult of Maclast_img read more

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