Skype for Windows Phone goes beta

first_imgYou can cross another one off the list of Windows Phone‘s platform shortfalls: a Skype app is finally available to use.The only issue, of course, is that first-gen Windows Phone devices didn’t include front-facing cameras. More recent models have, and they’ll be able to make two-way video calls just like their iPhone and Android cousins. So far, the Skype team has reported success with the Nokia Lumia 710 and 800, HTC Titan and Radar, and the Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash. Owners of older devices like the HTC Surround and Samsung Focus will still be able to make voice calls to their Skype friends.You’re not limited to Wi-Fi use, either. Skype for Windows phone supports both voice and video calling over 3G and 4G networks. You can also chat in pairs or groups, just as you can with Skype on other platforms.The release of a standalone Skype app is just the beginning for Windows Phone. According to the lengthy list of Windows Phone 8 features that leaked earlier this month, Skype will find its way into the native dialer. Deeper integration was expected once Microsoft acquired Skype, both with Windows Phone and in Microsoft’s other apps.It’s important to note that this is a beta release, so the usual caveats apply. You may experience performance issues and crashes, but hopefully all the kinks will be ironed out by the time Skype for Windows Phone sees its official release. That’s slated to happen some time in April.More at Skypelast_img read more

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