Intel promises 10 watt Haswell Core processors for Ultrabooks

first_imgThe Intel Developer Forum is currently underway at Moscone West in San Francisco, and Intel is using it as a platform to tell us what processors we can look forward to using next year. If battery life and mobile computing is important to you, there’s good news.With Ultrabooks becoming more popular the highlight of the IDF so far has to be the discussion of Intel’s next microarchitecture for the Core processor range. In 2013 we can expect to be buying systems that use 22nm Core processors using the Haswell microarchitecture.These 4th generation Core chips have been designed with a focus  on cutting power while increasing performance, and that’s especially true for mobile chips. If you select a Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge processor for use in an Ultrabook today, you’re looking at a TDP of between 17 and 35 watts. Intel is promising to get that down to 10 watts for a Haswell Ultrabook solution, with a big chunk of the power saving coming from merging the CPU and PCH (platform controller hub).Such a huge drop in power requirements will bring with it a major boost to your battery life as well as even thinner devices, but Haswell offers up some other benefits, too. Intel highlighted the fact Haswell will include new instructions allowing for faster encryption, new security features in the hardware, and at the same time offering better overall performance than the current generation processors.Alongside Haswell we can also expect to see Intel’s Clover Trail Atom chip making an appearance. A range of 32nm processors Intel is touting as not only perfect for lightweight tablets and convertibles, but also “architected specifically for Windows 8.”Read more at Intellast_img read more

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