Nerd Art Animation Made from Google Docs Video

first_imgArtists and geeks have a lot in common. Namely, they often share the plight of social awkwardness, a trait that grants them the freedom (or perhaps, sentence) to fritter hours upon hours toiling away at their chosen pursuit. Be they Wozniak or Duchamp, Zuckerberg or Banksy, these peculiar creatures of culture place a singular effort into building the next great technology or crafting aesthetic perfection.On occasion, these two wonders of society are merged into one. The above video is an effort of three “artists” who spent three days that they will never get back working in the medium of Google Docs Presentation software to create a fairly impressive animation sequence. This is just about the geekiest piece of art since the multi-faceted image made in MS Paint that took four years to complete (video of that amazing and sad creation after the jump).last_img read more

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