Mr Peanut Is a Hypebeast Now With These Surprisingly Fresh Kicks

first_imgStay on target Tie-in sneakers aren’t a new thing – Adidas’s Dragon Ball line that came out last year were surprisingly dope – but there’s just something so gleefully absurd about Mr. Peanut’s face peeking out from the tongue of these shoes that hits the sweet spot in between irony and true joy. I’m getting a pair and embracing this new era of brand madness. What do we know about Planters? Well, it was founded in Pennsylvania in 1906 by Italian immigrant Amedeo Obici. He came to the States unable to speak English and accidentally got off his train in Wilkes-Barre, where he was taken in by another immigrant family that ran a fruit store. He built his own peanut roaster from scrap parts and from there met partner Mario Peruzzi. The duo build Planters around Obici’s patented method of blanching and skinning the nuts, and the company was sold to Standard Brands in 1960. It’s now owned by the Kraft Heinz food megalith. Star Wars x Adidas Ultraboost Photos Have LeakedBest Sneakers of Summer 2019 The Crunch Force 1 is available exclusively at their website until 6:00 PM EST tonight, so if you want to snag a pair you better get cracking.More on x ‘Stranger Things’ Collection Goes Back to the Summer of ’85Adidas Basketball Celebrates ‘Avengers: Endgame’ With ‘Heroes Among Us’ CollaborationNike Kyrie 5 ‘UFO’ Brings Conspiracy Theories to Sneakers It always feels a little weird when brands try to get relatable to the millennials in 2019. Whether it be engaging in memes and banter on social media or redesigning their logos to look like the latest iOS update, there’s just something sort of sad and tryhard about it. But with every rule there must come an exception, and although this pains me to say it, Planters brand peanuts just might have pulled it off by releasing… a limited edition sneaker?Meet the Crunch Force 1, the first footwear option from Planters Peanuts. At a retail price of $170, these certainly aren’t a loss leader designed to get brand awareness up. Instead, they actually seem to be a serious attempt at making a solid sneaker that takes inspiration from the brand’s trade dress. Manufactured in Philadelphia, PA from pebble-grain leather, with accents of suede and a natural gum sole, the shoes were designed by artist Seth Fowler in collaboration with customizer Rich Franklin. The Mr. Peanut mascot was introduced in 1916, created by a schoolboy named Antonio Gentile. Over the years, the design has evolved – his iconic monocle was added shortly after, and over the decades he’s become one of the most iconic advertising mascots in the food industry. Many notable performers have provided his voice, including Bill Hader and Robert Downey Jr. If you’re passing through Suffolk, Virginia, you can find a painted metal statue of him downtown. Over the last year or so, Planters has been making efforts to give the character a little bit of modern relevance, with mixed results.last_img read more

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